Well Wednesday September 29th is our moving day! I can't wait to take photos of the apartment and post them. We are really excited to move into a smaller place that is much easier to take care of! Less house work makes me happy. No more home improvement projects, just happy decorating!!!! I have a lot of ideas for the apartment but nothing is set in stone yet. I plan to NOT buy new things, just use all that I already own. We'll see. It will take me forever just to unpack everything! That is the 1st step! We are setting up our internet tomorrow, so it won't be but a day before I post pictures! lol :)

Arrangement by Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler inspires me more and more everyday. I have been looking at his designs daily to really see what draws me to his design style. I find that most everything that I love about interior design he has incorporated into the spaces he decorates. I stumbled across an article that he wrote about arrangement and found it very helpful. I wanted to share it with you!


I think when you have a pile of stuff and you start to place it on a dresser or in your bookcase, it can be very overwhelming. Hopefully these images and Jonathan's advise may be helpful to you and myself! Enjoy :)

{Artful design is all in the balance}

For arranging, this means juxtaposing silhouettes and colors – highlight differences between pieces or draw out their similarities.

Start by establishing framing

Items in a room or on a surface should be composed as you would paint a canvas, with scale, sequencing, and balance conceived from one specific vantage point. Consoles, bookshelves and artworks are generally viewed from a frontal perspective, while furnishings – such as dining room tables and coffee tables – are viewed in the round and should be accessorized accordingly.

1. For fool proof arrangements, start with SYMMETRY.


A pair of blue glass lamps anchors either end of the white dresser to establish the tone. Although the lamps are different sizes, symmetry comes through the repeated color.

I balanced the different lamp height by pairing the taller one with a shorter cluster of objects – and vice versa.

Hang plates in unusual locations to fill up white wall space and round compositions.

2. Symmetry is the easiest and most logical way to accessorize, while ASYMMETRY is more challenging – but also more fun!


Here, I grouped numerous items into series of little moments: one book is propped up vertically, like a painting; a stack of plates anchors a bud vase; another vase gets a lift from a Lucite box; etc.



One half of the tableau is arranged symmetrically, the other half is asymmetrical. Look at the overall composition, but break it down into constituent parts.

Visit his website: Jonathan Adler


MOSAIC - September 2010

Monthly Mosaic September 2010 10x10

My Life Recap / September 2010
*Visited the Cincinnati Art Museum
*Still waiting to sell our house officially
*Watched Season 4 of Dexter
*Cody finally got his boot camp date & job for the Air Force
*Moved to our apartment
*Visited the Air Force Museum
*Planned another vacation to Disney World

My Carebears

I collect many things. One of my favorite collections that I have are my vintage Carebear stuffed animals. I got them all out so I could snap a photo of them all together...

My CarebearsMy Carebears

It looks like I have a lot, but there are still many of them I need to complete the collection! When you have things packed away it is hard to remember what you have. These pictures are going to help me a lot! :) I really need to start hunting them down again...

My Carebears
My Carebears

Most of them are from flea markets. I have been lucky though and found about 5 of them at the thrift store! I think one of them was only 29 cents!


Inspiration: Bookcases

I have a lot of bookcases going to my new apartment and I can't wait to start displaying my stuff!!! I am in love with the image below!

Image source: Odie et Amo

Screen shot 2009-10-08 at 6.35.43 PM

Image sources: Xjavierx's {flickr user} & Apartment Therapy

Image source: Elizabeth Ann Designs

I can't wait to start decorating my new place! :)



I saw this on display at IKEA and thought it was really cute. What do you think? I personally just think the Godzilla image on the fabric is hilarious! Maybe that is why I like it? It makes me laugh. This fabric may appear somewhere in my apartment...


I also really like these other fabrics from IKEA...



Link to Textiles page on the IKEA website {HERE}


BLOG LOVE - Cozy Little Cave

Picture 1
I stumbled across a really cute blog today: Cozy Little Cave / Written by Tess

I was searching for images of Klippan Sofas and a image from her blog popped up! Here is a picture of her living room...
{Cozy Little Cave}

I love the photo collage on the wall! It inspires me MORE to do a photo collage wall in my apartment. Look at this photo of her cute little doggies...

She takes great photos and has a great eye for design! I will definitely be following her blog now! Click {HERE} for the original post these images are from!


Image source: Home House Design
Pink Kitchen

Image source: Home Decor Ideas
Pink Bedroom

Image source: Restyling Home by Kelly & Iffers Little Nest
PINK Dining RoomPink Living Room

Image source: Luxury I-House Designs & Iroonie
Pink Girls BedroomBarbie Accessories

Image source: Southern Accents

Pink & White Dining Room




I tried this leopard print dress on a few weeks ago at Forever 21. I loved it! I didn't buy it though. I have 2 weddings to go to in October, but feel like I may look like a hussy showing up in leopard print! I can't stop thinking about the dress! It is one of those things that I am afraid if I don't buy it I will regret it. lol

Forever 21 comes out with new stuff on their website almost daily! They have this cute little red dress that I think is pretty. I love red and the dress is only $13.50!

Then there is MOD CLOTH. Talk about beautiful dresses! They are all so fun to look at!

Sweet Darlin' Dress & Pearl Reason Dress

In-tent-se Dress & Frankly, I Don't Give a Dress




I think a lot of us dream of having a Parsons desk somewhere in our home. Sadly, I can't justify spending $300 on one! Plus, even if I could afford to buy one, I am cheap so I don't think I would!

I love the simple modern look of the Parsons desk. West Elm even sells the desk in a shade of yellow! I don't plan on buying much new stuff for my apartment. I do need a desk though. I have always used Dining Room tables because I like a big work space. I have to downsize though to a small desk since space is an issue. I found a Parsons desk on Walmart's website. I know it won't be as nice but it will give me the look that I like.


Here are some lovely images of some Parsons Desks...
Image Source: Unplgged
Parsons Desk
Image Source: My Spinning Wheels {originally from Martha Stewart}

Image Source: Flickr / Decor 8



Cody got his date for boot camp today! FINALLY! FINALLY! FINALLY! He is shipping out on January 4th, 2011. We are so glad that he will be going some what soon. It is a blessing. We don't have to be {as} stressed anymore. We can start really moving forward! We have already started planning a vacation to Disney World in December. We loved it so much the 1st time that we really thought it would be fun to go right before he left.

* Vacation
* Christmas
* Boot camp

After 2 months of boot camp there will be a huge graduation. Family, friends and myself will go see him graduate. {I will take tons of pictures!} After that he will start his education and training for his career. That we last about 6 months, then the Air Force will tell Cody where he will be stationed. Then he will come back to OHIO for me and our stuff. :) I should be moving from OHIO around August of 2011!

I am praying for palm trees and sunny skies! lol I dream of living somewhere that is WARM all year round. *fingers crossed*


4 Movies

I put these 4 movies together for a reason! They all have dark story lines and have graphic content.

4 movies sep2010

1. American Psycho - I really like Christian Bale. He does a good performance in this film, but I didn't like the story at all. If you are a Christian Bail fan it may be worth watching. Otherwise I would only give it 3 stars Christian Bale 5 stars

2. Session 9 - This movie is about a clean up crew that goes to an old insane asylum to clean it. I don't want to give away anything, so I won't go into detail. I really didn't like it. :( 2 stars

3. Shutter Island - I really liked this movie. It kept me interested the whole time and I was happy with the way it ended. It isn't a movie that ends without explaining things that happened! 4 stars

4. MOON - A very interesting story about an astronaut that is sent to the moon. The story is kinda sad, but has an very unexpected twist to the story. 4 stars



Cody & I visited the Dayton Air Force Museum this past Wednesday. It is really neat to see such a big part of history. Here are some of my photos...

daytonairforce museum mosaic1
daytonairforcemuseum mosaic2
airforcemuseum mosaic3



Kelly Green is not a color I would usually decorate with in my own home. I do enjoy these lovely rooms though...
Image source: Color Me Happy

Image sources: My Little Happy Place & Demake Real Estate

Look at this amazing nursery designed by Sharon Taylor. Image source: Project Nursery

Image source: Little Green Notebook
Image source: DeSmitten