Rehab weekend #2

Okay, I finally got pictures developed from last weekend.

Here is my dog Muffins, she is thinking, "Why did you buy this place?"

We took down the paneling in the Living Room! There is mold growing in some of the insulation, so that will have to be replaced.

I had to hang my inspiration boards! My paint choices really clash with each other,..but I decided I didn't care about making everything "flow" in the house. I just want to have fun with it.

This weekend is when we decided we wanted an IKEA kitchen, and started to tear the top cabinets of the wall.

You can see what looks like the original wall color! They also painted over wallpaper at some point,..and its making painting for me not very fun.

My Friends and Husband attacked the big bushes that were left in the ground after we cut them back.

Men love using axes for some reason.... lol

I have planted a few things, but don't have pictures yet.

The real MOLD is in the basement.

We ripped out all the basement drywall that had mold on it.

I swear this will look nice someday. This part of the basement is under the Masterbedroom,...so whenever it rains, this is where is all goes and sits. yuck.

Dumpster #1 FULL! We have another one coming tomorrow. (friday)

I will have more photos next week..... thanks for viewing :)


New Fridge!

So, we bought our fridge last night. We started out by looking at smaller fridges,...but realized they just weren't BIG enough. So we got a big one!! I think we will be happy in the long run. :) Its glossy white to match our IKEA cabinets when we get them. We plan to go to IKEA to order our kitchen in the next few weeks.


Inspiration Boards for ME

I would first like to say, that I am my own worst Client. I have the hardest time decorating for myself. I just get so overwhelmed,...and confused, and I just like too much stuff!!! Then I need so much money for all the modern goodies that my heart desires. Thats life though! lol

The first board is for the Kitchen, Entryway, and Hallway.

I decided to be very daring and use alot of yellow and red in my new house. I plan on balancing them out with alot of white though. I don't want people to feel they are going to get a headache when they come over to visit.

This second board is for my Guest Bedroom.

I fell in love with this butterfly bedding from Target. I plan on painting the walls green, and painting the phrase, "Do it for the butterflies" over the bed. It is from the movie Little Nicky with Adam Sandler. It just makes me smile. I think it will be a cute little room. I know, I have weird ideas. lol


California Dreaming

My husband and I went to California for our honeymoon last year. We loved it so much. So, with our new house being a "Atomic Ranch" with a "flat roof", we are pretending we live in California, while we live in OHIO....

Photo of the ocean by San Francisco!

Driving on the Golden Gate Bridge!

I am obsessed with Palm Trees! This is one thing I can't have at my new house. :(

So the real point of this post is, the paint color I want to paint my house! Its called "California Poppy",..and its RED!

I feel its risky,....because we already are the youngest couple in the Neighborhood
, and the house already stands out. So,..do we worry about it,..or be ourselves?? hummm...


Rehab weekend #1

Wrench from IKEA found in all the mess

So Did you know that Rehabbing a house is alot of work??? lol I know it is now! But I am loving it so far, and LOVE MY NEW HOUSE! I know when its all done, its going to be wonderful. :) Here are some pictures from our first weekend of working on it.

The MasterBedroom, all the stuff they left in it. This is where most of the water damage is. (along with the basement, which still needs cleaned up and out still!)

AFTER We gutted the room! (I took this from standing in the garage)

GOODBYE ugly MasterBathroom! My husband enjoyed destroying this room! He has a mask on because MOLD makes him very sick.

Here I am attempting to clean the mess up.

Here is all the last homes owners stuff,...just from the garage. Gee, thanks. I hate them.


WE GOT IT!!!!!!

Here is PART of all the crap they left for us. (we hate them)

Let the fun begin,...friday we get a dumpster. We did rip out bushes today! :)



The caption for this picture is "What there is a window there???"


Spring Flowers & A Rehab House

I have been buying flowers and planters,...for a house I don't have yet!! LOL :) But they can go with us where ever we end up!!! Plus its one of my favorite things about spring and summer. I have bought white, yellow, and red only. (thought the would look good at the "red house") They are so cheerful,..all daisys!! I want to paint the planters but I don't know what color??

Actually the bank has accepted our lower offer that we gave on Monday. They actually accepted it right away. So we should close Friday,...maybe Monday if they don't get all the paperwork done!!! So, we will start Rehabbing soon!!!! :)



I was just looking at homes today online. Looking for landscaping ideas for the house the I hope I will own soon! Everyday I want my red 1961 ranch more and more. I wanted to post some photos of some homes I found online that I thought were really cool and different. Sorry I don't have links,...I didn't plan on posting them,...so who knows where I found them! LOL :)

The house above is my favorite. I love "square" houses that basically all glass boxes!! My house might not be as cool,...but I do live in OHIO!!! So there isn't as many "Mod" houses around.