Sponsorship is Funny I Think

I debated on whether or not I wanted to do a "Hey, Sponsor my blog" post for November! I decided to do it, but in a Jessie way, which translates into something goofy or silly. I started doing sponsorship on my blog and placing my ad on other blogs so that my readership would grow. It has and I am very thankful for that. If I wouldn't have started doing advertising, I would not of met all the awesome people that I have in the past few months!

SPONSOR Pic November2012

I just find it so funny and almost silly how we all trade/swap every month. It's great, but we scramble to email each other back and forth and hurry up and fill up our sidebar. Any money that I make doing advertisement on my blog (which is very very very little) is used to purchase ad space on other blogs. Which does help get new readers to my blog and then if your ad is on my page, they see it and also find your blog. As silly as it seems to me at times, it does work. I just have to laugh about it occasionally.

I would love to have you in November and hey, how about December too? YAY!
I'm am selling my Large AD spaces for $6 and my Medium AD space for $3 in the months of November and December!
Super cheap! Here is a picture of the actual sizes!

Sponsorship in November ads sale
I appreciate all my sponsors and readers!
It's so nice to meet new people and have people actually read all my rants and rambles. :)

Are you interested in being part of My Mod Style? I hope so! There are 2 large spots available each month and 6 Medium spots. I will approve them in the order received. Also, I will only approve ads that I feel fit the overall theme of my blog!

Here are your promo codes to use on PassionFruit for the discounted rates:
Want to swap small buttons? Use promo code FREE

Please visit my sponsorship page for full details and to reserve your spot!

Also, anyone who sponsors in the November or December will be featured in a "Meet My Sponsors" post!
If you'd like to do a giveaway or your own guest post, please just let me know by emailing me. :)

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