Rehab Weekend #6

June 23 ~ 24

Not that much really happened on weekend 6. Most of the time was spent replacing OSB on the roof.

Sadly it has rained almost daily since the roofer took off what roof was there. So now it truly does rain INSIDE the house now.

This photo is a picture of the rubber roof we aren't replacing. It will be patched though. (that is over the living room,..the windows is the kitchen)

My husband spent alot of time cutting part of the countertop.

Last week we also got the new pool liner put in! Looks alot better now!!!!


The roofer is taking forever to put the new rubber roof on. We are not happy about it at all!! Its been a stressful week,..and things have been going slow at the house. Hopefully we pick up the pace soon!! Thanks for viewing! :)


Design Update

Starting my Guest Bedroom.......

Plan to paint the walls a shade of green, paint some butterflies on the walls and door, paint the phrase "do it for the butterflies" over the bed. (its from a movie) Its going to be a very cheerful room.

I have been in love with this butterfly bedding from Target since the first time I saw it. I love the colors, and wanted to do a green bedroom, so it feels perfect. I keep waiting and waiting for it to go on clearance at the store,....and it never seems too. I have to pay $90 for the queen size, and its only a duvet cover. Yes, I am cheap, but when you have alot of pets who want to lay on everything, you almost have to be. I know I am going to freak the first time one of the cats puke on it!!! But its gonna happen no matter what I do.

Today I meet with a new client to design a Star Wars room for her 9 year son. I am pretty excited about it. I love this painting in the picture above! I would love to do stuff like this, but don't know if they will like it. I have no idea what they want, so we'll see. Should be interesting. My husband is excited, because he loves Star Wars, and wants to help with me this project. lol :)

I will have new house pictures soon! Not much happened in Rehab Weekend #6,..because the roof was getting ripped off. Sadly the NEW roof still isn't there. Its been very stressful this week,..because its been raining,..and half of my house has no roof!!! Not a good feeling. Hopefully all the rains goes into the basement and out the drain down there. *fingers crossed*
thanks for reading....


Rehab Weekend #5

June 16 ~ 21

Rehab weekend #5,..was more like Rehab WEEK!!!! We worked all this week to get the kitchen done. We still have more to do,..but we kicked butt!

I had to sign our walls!!!

Will the madness ever end!!! No more cardboard cuts please!!

We were smart, and put the big pantry together in the kitchen,..instead of the living room. Its huge!!!

Even though I hate being short sometimes (4'9") it does work to my advantage while putting IKEA cabinets together. lol

The faucet we picked! Looks cooler in person! Its Chrome,..looks like brushed silver in this photo! The knobs is what I love!!

My husband was very excited when we got the pantry done!!! I think it will be our favorite thing in the kitchen! :)

Here is the first wall, the top cabinets...

My husband spent ALOT of timing leveling everything! Everything was really easy to install!

First wall, bottom cabinets...

FINALLY we have a fridge!!!

The Second wall...

All we have done right now!

Here is a reminder of what it was BEFORE....

We still have alot to do,..and the pictures will only get better! ;) We ordered a really cool tile backsplash today at Lowe's! That was something we just decided to do last minute. Its only money right??? lol


Rehab Weekend #4

Finally have pictures to post!!
June 8 ~ June 11

We spent a total of 8 hours at IKEA on June 9th, and a total of 8hours in the car! It was a long 16 hour day,..but so worth it. This is the Canton, Michigan Store.

I fell in love with this display at IKEA. I loved the green with the black and white stuff. Going to IKEA made me want to do black and white funky fabrics in my living room!

I think we have decided on this couch for our living room,..but in WHITE of course.

I love that you can just buy pieces and add on to your couch later if you want too! :) My husband sits on everything at IKEA....

So, we ordered the kitchen, and they had everything in stock!!! We barely fit it all in the truck...

And I forgot to order a base cabinet!!! So, I went all the way back to IKEA 3 days later. Which was fine, because I didn't get to look at anything really. I was so tired after ordering the kitchen I just wanted to leave. Okay back to work! Still had some painting to do. Since its RED,...its NEVER done!!

Had to rip out all the old flooring in the kitchen so we could lay the new floor from IKEA.

Putting the new floor in...

Its going to be pretty. We are doing this flooring in ALL the rooms in the whole house! Can't wait!

Boxes, Boxes, and more Boxes. We do not currently have a living room. I wish they could put themselves together. lol

more pictures to come.....


Living Room Inspiration Board

Here is the direction my "design ideas" are going for my living room. I think it will be a challenge for me to pull this off!!! So we'll see. My husband has faith in me,..so thats good! :) lol

Lots of IKEA stuff,..because that is what I can afford. I am going to frame fabric as art and paint things myself. The couch is also from IKEA. Gotta buy a flat screen TV still!!!! But other things have to come first.....


Ty Pennington

I bought this magazine today. I love Ty Pennington!

I fell in love with this room he designed. Yellow, Black, and White!!! Bold Bold Bold!!

After buying this magazine and two trips to IKEA in a week,...I am really inspired to decorate my living room!!!


Rehab Weekend #3

June 1 ~ June 3

We gutted the kitchen all the way, got the 2nd dumpster, got rid of the floor in the Master Bedroom, ordered a new pool liner, and I started painting the kitchen RED!

Goodbye Orange walls,...HELLO RED!!! The color looks much better in person. It took 5 coats of paint for that wall!!

Muffins new RED bowls from TARGET! Only 75cents each! Got the rug on clearance at LOWES for $3.00!! Had to have them!!

There in the Dumpster is the Master Bedroom Floor! lol Its hardwood flooring and tile.

My husband and uncle ripped out all the OSB wood that "was" the floor. Now its nothing. It took 2days of hard labor to get it up.

Now you can just look right into the basement,..its kinda weird. In the next week or so the roofer will be putting the new rubber on the roof. So, we will be able to finally drywall and putting new OSB down. :)

This was the highlight of my weekend!! GOODBYE UGLY COUCHS!!! My husband had to cut them with his saw, they were to big to get out the front door, and very heavy. They are now in the dumpster number 2, in many pieces!!! :)

Muffins is wondering when the pool will have water in it!

My husband got off work tomorrow (friday) and Monday, so we have lots of time to work on the house. Off to IKEA this Saturday to drop about $5,000 on our kitchen! lol :) WooHoo!