Montly Review // January 2013

I will say that this month ended up being a good one. I had my personal ups and downs with work and a bit of the winter blues, but by the end things seemed to get back to normal. Visiting the Farm Sanctuary was a huge part of that. Plus, we had some mild weather and took a bike ride. Riding my bike is like an anti-depressant for me. I also plan to get a NEW bike if we get a good tax return. Even though my bike is new, I'm already ready to upgrade. It's the story of being a cyclist. (That's a post for another day.) Let's take a look at what happened in January on the blog....

Monthly Rev Title JanJan2013 in Review

The numbers are linked to the posts

1  It had been a few months since I did an outfit post. Also did one HERE.
2  Shared my map heart cutout DIY project.
3  We painted our bedroom pink! YAY!
4  Posted about our 1 year anniversary of Veganism!
5  Shared a recipe for Pirate Stew.
6  Introduced all my pets in a guest post on B is for Becky!
7  Loved this post, shared ways I have GONE GREEN
8  My Sea Shepherd cycling jersey arrived! I already wore it over the weekend. It actually kept me pretty warm.

These were all my favorite posts, minus our trip to the farm sanctuary.
Of course that was the best thing I did this month!
If you missed it, you can read about it HERE.

I also shared one of my favorite recipes over on Kitty & Buck! A recipe for Chickpea Tacos. YUM!
My blog got yet another makeover. I wasn't happy with the color scheme and I craved more simplicity.
The writing in the header is my own handwriting and I love the way it turned out.
I started a new series on the blog called COLOR OF THE MONTH. You guys seemed to like it.:)

So what do I have planned for February?
I have a DIY painting project to share, hopefully more outfit posts, probably cute pet photos, recipes, hopefully paint my home office and I have a great idea for a "vegan project" that I hope to do.
We'll see....
Thanks for hanging around!


  1. I love that map heart :D I would want to do that with an old map of Southern Cali, where I was born :)

    1. I didn't know you were born in California. How cool.


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