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Sponsor 650x400 AtTheDogPark

My name is Madison, and I'm a 24 year old Graphic Designer living in Nashville Tn. I currently work as a Creative Administrator for a record label in Brentwood Tn, and I have recently purchased my own house in Nashville. My blog is about about my sometimes crazy life in Nashville! With my amazing rescue dog Axle and his sister Clover.

Sponsor 650x400 VintagePretty

I am a 21 year old Mother, Artist, Seamstress, Crafter, majoring in Biological Science, and the owner/CEO of AmaCharms.com. Inspired by Vintage fashion, Korea, Cats, Floral, and Frugal living. I bring you fun DIY, sewing and crafts that can be used anywhere and made by anyone.

Sponsor 650x400 BallisticGypsy

In life, I have learned that I am a list maker, but not a list follower. I tend to have paint in my hair and dye on my hands. I am a thrift store junky and lover of anything somewhat funky. Roller Derby wanna-be. Wife to my beloved deployed soldier & a mama with a few tattoos. And I am fully aware that none of these things make me special.

Sponsor 650x400 MyDodoDiary

My name is Ditte and I am a Danish girl who loves taking pictures. My blog is my personal photo diary and you are more than welcome to follow. I blog about everything I love; animals, cooking, art and so on.

Sponsor 650x400 IcingOnMyCupcake

I've always maintained I was born to be a 1950's housewife. I find enjoyment in cleaning my house, cooking and baking, general crafty loveliness and my bunny rabbits, Major Tom & Special Agent Dale Cooper. I like anything pink, sparkley, adorned with a pin up girl or a bunny, horror films and dinosaurs.

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  1. So i totally JUST saw this post... I was scrolling down and BAM! There's my face. Haha! Thanks for the shout out! ;)



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