A PHOTO A DAY // December 2012

1. 8 O'Clock
Day1 8 o'Clock 2. Peace     3. Something I held
Day2 PeaceDay3 Something I HeldSimon & Me CuddlingDay5 Looking Up
4. Black & White     5. Looking Up
Day6 From where you liveDay7 Stars
6. Where I Live     7. Stars
Day8 Someone I Love: Cody
8. Someone I Love
Out and AboutUnder
9. Out & About     10. Under
11. Sweet
12. Hat     13. Lights
14. Something GREEN
IMG_3997Something I Made // Scrapbook
15. Outdoors     16. Something I Made
17. On The Floor
18. Makes Me Feel Merry     19. Something Beginning with "S"
Weather / SnowTree
20. Weather     21. Tree
Jingle Bells
22. Decoration
Joy is PeaceTradition A Christmas Story 23. Joy is Peace     24. Tradition
25. Lunchtime
Day 27 // relaxDay 28 // cold
27. How you relax     28. Cold
Day29 Hot // miso soupDay 30 // something that made me smile this year // My bike
29. Hot     30. Something that made me smile this year
Me 12.29.12
31. Self-Portrait

This was my third time doing the photo a day challenge on Instagram. I must say, for some reason I struggled with it this month. I didn't like a lot of the topics and found it hard to find something to photograph based on each topic everyday. I love my Instagram photos. So I have decided to just do my own images daily and share them with you at the end of the month. I felt I tried too hard to take a photo everyday and hated a lot of my images. Something I want to do is continue to get better at my photo taken and this isn't helping me I fear. :( I hate to sound negative, but I just want to take my own images based on what I find to photograph that day. I plan to also take a image for everyday this year and at the end of the year share them all together. I think that would be fun. :)


  1. I think the worst thing you can do sometimes is to restrict your creativity, because that's when things become a chore as opposed to something to look forward. I have hesitantly begun a 365 project also, but I'm posting mine on Flickr as I share monthly recaps of whatever I take on instagram already. I'm also not conforming to taking photos of a specific thing or theme either, just whatever I feel like. Good luck with yours, I'll be keeping an eye out for those posts :)

    1. Thanks Bekka. You are so right. :) I think I will do a set on flickr as well and put a link to it on my blog.

  2. I love seeing so many new furry faces around :)
    The photo a day thing can be tough, it's pretty hard to come up with a new thing each day, even when you have a 'topic'. Your photos look great though, I think it's nice to be able to look over the month and trigger some nice memories :)

    1. I do enjoy taking photos of my furry friends. lol I do love looking over the month of photos. It's so easy to forget something that may have happened on just a random Tuesday. :) That is why I will keep doing it, just on my own.

  3. I've never done this but it seems very awesome! I love the hat picture with your kitty wearing the hat :) My fiance and I are going to Jackson, Wyoming next October. I've never been, but we're thrilled to see the mountain life up there!

    1. I actually haven't been to Jackson yet. I've heard great things. Wyoming has a lot to offer if you love nature and parks. :) The photo of the day is fun, just hard at times. I can't wait to just do it on my own. :)

  4. I felt the same way about the photo challenges. I think they were good at encouraging me to take photos every day but I often felt that I was just grasping for something to fit the topic for the day. I like the idea of doing your own kind of photo challenge and just photographing what you like every day.

    1. YES. I love Instagram photos and love taking something daily. I try not to go too crazy with it. I know my follows would be annoyed with my feed. ;) I wonder if I can remember to do a photo everyday??? I hope so. lol

  5. I'm going to try that challenge for the third time this year. I usually like the topics but forget about it untill the day is almost over. That's my problem haha.

    1. I would forget all the time. I didn't even do #26 on the one above. It was a "mess". I couldn't find anything to photograph. It's hard to remember. You aren't the only one. lol

  6. Good Job!! I've tried and tried and always fall behind. I'm motivated this year tho, I think I'm going to try turning the #FMSPHOTOADAY into a photo diary of sorts for this year.


    1. Photo diary's are so fun. I basically look at my blog as one in a way. I hope I can remember to do one everyday this year for my 365 day project!

  7. Fantastic that you can make a goal like that and keep to it. By the look of those photos you have been very busy.

    1. Yes, I seem to always be busy. lol I want some more of those cookies!!!!


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