Day1 Sammy & Norman  1.1.13 Sammy & Norman are always cuddling together.
Day2 better blog planning 1.2.13 Day3 me :) 1.3.12 #jessie365
Blog Planning \\ Self Portrait
Day5 shopping for ceiling fans 1.5.13 #jessie365 Day4 grocery shopping at Natural Grocers 1.4.13 #jessie365
Picking Out A Ceiling Fan \\ Grocery Shopping
Day6 painting my bedroom pink 1.6.13 #jessie365
Painting my Bedroom PINK
Day7 first time using my bike trainer :) 1.7.13
Using my Bike Trainer for the first time
Day8 been watching old school Garfield on Netflix every night :) 1.8.13 Day9 Old photo of my mom & me & my Alice precious moment :) 1.9.13 #jessie365
Been watching vintage Garfield \\ Love my Precious Moment & vintage photo of my mom and me
Day10 Kitty feeding time 1.10.13 Day12 making my closet drawing come to life today :) 1.12.13 #jessie365 Kitty dinnertime \\ Drawing for our closet design plan
Day11 it snowed today !!! 1.11.13
Day13 new grocery store full of organic goodies :) 1.13.13
Found a new grocery store with lots of organic and vegan goodies
Day14 muffins 13th bday :) with her crazy hair and sleepy face lol 1.14.13 #jessie365 Day15 working on a painting for my bedroom 1.15.13 #jessie365
Muffins turned 13 years old! \\ My painting for our bedroom
Day16 my mood 1.16.13 #jessie365 Day18 Chloe & Cody 1.18.13
My mood \\ Cody & Chloe
Day17 listening to The Black Keys always makes me smile :) 1.17.13 #jessie365
Listening to a lot of Black Keys lately
Day19 thrift store books 1.19.13 Day21 Kitties napping together in front of the air vent. 1.21.13 #jessie365
Thrifted books \\ Barrett and the other kitties cuddling in the background
Day20 Did some decorating over the weekend :) 1.20.13 #jessie365
Decorating details in our bedroom
Day22 ending the day with a film on Netflix about the ocean :) 1.22.13 #jessie365Day23 going to start reading my booklet about banning plastic bags! 1.23.13 #jessie365 #bagit
Watched a film about the Ocean \\ Printed out my Bag It Booklet
Day24 beautiful warm day today :) so nice to see the sun! 1.24.13 #jessie365 #wyoming
A beautiful Day in Cheyenne
Day25 at the bike shop 1.25.13Day26 finally went for a bike ride! It's been since October! It burned and I had snot dripping from my nose, but so worth it. 1.26.13
Been visiting the bike shop a lot lately \\ Went for a winter bike ride finally
Day27 visited a farm sanctuary 1.27.13
Visited the Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary
Day28 Chloe cuddling on my lap while I blog 1.28.13Day29 Simon cuddling with Cody's arm 1.29.13 #jessie365
Chloe cuddled on my lap while I blogged \\ Simon cuddling with Cody
Day30 purchased a sketchbook today! 1.30.13Day31 chocolate always makes work better :) 1.31.13
Finally bought a sketchbook \\ Chocolate makes work better

Well there is January VIA Instagram! I was so proud of myself for not forgetting to take a photo everyday.
I really enjoyed taking a photo daily. They had more meaning to me by picking my own things to photograph.
Did you do a photo challenge? Leave me a link so I can check out your photos!!!
I plan to do this every month this year. It's my own personal 365 Day Project.


  1. Your cats- Sammy and Norman are BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow! Such a great picture!

    Love the new banner as well! :)

    1. Thanks Ama! When I saw them sitting on the couch I knew I had my chance to snap a photo! Sammy is always so happy when she is cuddling with Norman. I loved catching that moment. She always runs when I get my camera out. hahaha

  2. OH man! You are a busy lady!


    1. I know Meg. I feel like I am. LOL Thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. I saw most of them in instagram and you picked fun subjects :) Well okay, not really subjects but you know what I mean I hope. That painting in your bedroom seems really pretty! xo

    1. I know what you mean. I try to take a photo of something that MATTERED that day. Hold on to a memory I guess you could say. :) I didn't feel like I was doing that before. I can't wait to share my painting. It will be on the blog soon.

  4. Loving the kitties, organic living, and ways to be in peace with the world.

    Oh, and I so listened to the song because it sounded like something I would enjoy. And I totally did!

  5. Can't wait to see what you draw in your sketchbook!! :)

    1. It feels weird to draw again. I never know what to draw either, but I have some ideas. Probably animal related. lol

  6. Love all the cute puppy and kitty pictures! :)


  7. I've always loved the picture a day concept and tried it a while back (my pre-blogging days). I especially love how you presented yours. Love your old fashioned pen to paper blog planning. :) I just recently started planning out my posts in a way that works for me and I plan to share on it. :)

    Pomegranates are one of my favorite fruits! That kitty dinner time picture is perfection! :) Also, we've stumbled upon a few great super vegan and organic friendly grocery stores since moving to Austin. Yay for thrifted books!!! What film was it that you watched about the ocean? I'd be interested! In fact, I'm off to get my documentary love on tonight.

    Lovely post and by the way, I'm jealous of your sanctuary visit. Visiting an animal sanctuary is on my "definitely have to do that" list.

    1. Yes, I am very old fashioned with the whole pen and paper thing. I love writing. The ocean film was actually NOT good at all. LOL It was an old IMAX film that was super cheesy. I highly recommend the OCEANS movie done by Disney. The way they filmed it is amazing. Yes, you would love visiting a farm sanctuary!! It was so fun and peaceful.

    2. I hear ya on old fashioned. I'm a pen to paper person too. Heck I'll take snail mail over email any day!

      Oh that's good to know about the film! I'll check out the other one then. I still have to watch that pit-bull documentary that you recommended. It's on my list!

  8. Good job!
    Muffins is so sweet - Happy birthday to her:)

  9. Your kitties - they are sooo cute! I love how much they pop up! And I have the fox of that origami-ish statue thing from Target that you have the squirrel of. And carrying a sketchbook is great - I write a lot of blog ideas, photo ideas, and grocery lists down. I have years of random thoughts stacked up too.

    <3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

    1. I try to NOT to take too many photos of my cats. LOL It's hard not to. I love those statues from Target. I am so glad I bought one. I should probably carry a small sketchbook with me. I type lots of notes on my phone.

  10. I need to do another photo a day project. Looks like it was a great month. PS- So excited for your new bike!! Can't wait to see what you think of it.

    1. It's funnier to do it on your own I think. Moments that make to you that day. :) OMG, my bike. What a big difference it will be. I may finally be able to keep up with Cody. I can't wait.


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