What I Wore #12

WIW12 pic1 11913

Over the weekend the sun came out and finally melted away some of the snow. I have been dying to take more outfit posts outdoors. It's almost always windy outside all year round making it hard to do so. We took our chances and stopped by our favorite park to snap a few quick photos. I am in love with my mustard yellow jeans! I still don't know if I really like the gray sweater with the yellow. I do however think my owl necklace was perfect. I love him.

WIW12 pic2 11913 WIW12 pic3 11913
Someone had fed this squirrel some peanuts. He was so happy!
WIW12 squirel1 11913 WIW12 pic4 11913

Cody always makes me laugh when he takes my photos. What you don't see are all the outtakes.
Most of them are me yelling at him saying,"Take good pictures! They are for the blog!"
He always responds,"I'm not a photographer!"
We just laugh about it and then at least we get some natural smiles if anything.
Below is my Wonder Woman pose...

WIW12 pic6 11913The squirrel was not amused by our picture taking.

Gray Sweater - Abercrombie, Thrifted $3 | Pants - Old Navy $10 | Necklace - My Work $6
Shoes - Converse One Stars, Target | Black Tank Top - JcPenney $3

Please know that I am a clearance rack / thrift store kind of girl.
I do not have tons of money to invest in a wardrobe.
I do these posts to boost my self confidence and be cute on a budget. ;)
Plus it's fun.


  1. I agree with you on staying on budget with a wardrobe, and to be honest girl, the grey sweater matches everything. It's that adorable!

    1. Thanks Melanie! I think it's also fun to get a deal on something or find it at a thrift store! More rewarding really.

  2. ooh, your hair is getting long! You look so cute, I think the squirrel was just jealous ;)

    1. LOL next time I will bring him peanuts. I am trying to get my hair long. I started taking Biotin hoping it will grow faster.

  3. I have matching yellow pants :) Gosh, that squirrel has the cutest butt!


  4. Thanks. I am obsessed with photographing squirrels.

  5. Wow, I just came here and what a huge change! I love love love your banner though :) And all of the colours going on, superpretty. And I have mustard yellow pants too, I love them as well :D And ohh that squirrel. The only time I have seen a few in real life were in London! xo

    1. I am glad you love the banner because I always worry it's TOO BIG. I really wanted to tone down the look visually. I want my posts/pictures to be my main focus. We need to all have a week of yellow mustard pants outfit posts!

  6. I LOVE the color of those pants!!! You look beautiful too!

    1. Thanks!!!!! Old Navy has some great colors on sale right now.


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