DIY Painting // A Lorax Quote

I knew I wanted to do a painting for our bedroom. I wasn't sure what I was going to paint until we watched the movie The Lorax. I wanted a positive message on my wall to read everyday. The Lorax had a great message and I knew right away what quote I wanted to paint. I designed it on Photoshop and then printed it out...


I decided to cut each word or sentence out so that I could choose the placement myself. I have a projector that I bought years ago at Hobby Lobby. It has come in handy for many projects. It's great for tracing images onto walls or canvases. All you need is a dark room and you are set to go...


I didn't know how all the wording was going to fit on the canvas, so I just freely moved around each word/sentence till I liked the way it looked. I loved the word UNLESS very large at the top. Of course, it would be better to measure this all out before hand,..but I never do things that way. HA! Then I started tracing...


As you can see even tracing is never perfect. Fast forward and can see the finished traced design... LoraxPainting7LoraxPainting6

Since I didn't measure the design out there is a blank spot at the bottom of the canvas.
I didn't think it looked bad so I left it that way. Plus I was just happy it all fit!! LoraxPainting8

Since my bedroom is painted pink I decided to decorate the room with touches of gold and silver. I have never like gold in the past but it's really grown on me. Someday I will get the room done and you will get to see it. I love the gold paint! It's so pretty. Here you can see the painting after one coat of paint...


Here it is finished...
LoraxPainting finished

I still have some pencil marks to erase. My O's got a little crazy. ;) It was hard to keep it perfect. I am happy with it though. I prefer just hanging my own paintings in my home or photographs I have taken.

What do you think? Do you make your own art for your home?



  1. Great addition! I love adding personal painted touches to my home!

  2. Beautifully done! I love the color choice too. I love wall quotes!!

  3. Can I steal this? We watched The Lorax several months ago and seemed to have problems in the home. It definitely was that one (of the few) movies that helped ease out some troubles.

    My version will look different, but I'm totally adding that to my home for the next time we decide on having a fight (and not between David and I, just because we live with my fiance's father).

  4. I love how this turned out! I am a big fan of topography that fits your personality and the things you believe in. I have written word art all over my house.

  5. I love this quote! I have some of my and my husbands work in the house as well as art from people we know, including my husband's grandfather who was a painter. I like having a personal connection with every piece, although we do have a few treasured vintage op shop finds on the wall too!

  6. This is wonderful, Jessie! I have been known to borrow a quote or two to make my own word art digitally...pinterest is a fabulous source of inspiration. A quote I really like is

    Sometimes I get sad
    And then I stop being sad
    and start being AWESOME!

    With each line in different sizes and fonts. Makes me smile whenever I look at it.
    So much fun and photoshop lets you "play" to your hearts content!

  7. Perfect is stupid. This is really pretty! I read your 'review' on the lorax and I'm definitely going to watch it :) xo

  8. Jessie! I love this!!!! I used to use a projector too, but my projector went by the wayside during one of my many moves, lol. I never plan either, I'm too impatient. I just eye ball things. I can't wait to see this in your bedroom, I love the combination of gold and pink.

    P.S. I think I already told you, but I loved the Lorax! I watched it about 10 times! I think KidRobot should produce the Lorax and the forest animals as vinyl toys.


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