Sponsor & Friends // February 2013

Meet my newest group of sponsors! They are all so unique and special in their own way.
I hope you will go visit them and say hello!!!
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Sponsor 650x400 thevagabondstudio

My name is Shai and I am a 27-year-old mom, student, business-owner, blogger, and artist. I am a full-time Political and Social Philosophy student at Kennesaw State University, and am also minoring in Peace Studies. The Vagabond Studio's official mission statement is 'to inspire others to live creatively, beautifully, and sustainably, and that really is the main focus. But, to sum it up in one perfect word, The Vagabond Studio is about peace - peace within ourselves, peace within our communities, and peace with our environment. Here at the studio, we are often overly-excited, enthusiastic, and encouraging.
My Favorite Post: Exit Buddies

Sponsor 650x400 Jen redparka

I'm Jen, the girl behind Red Parka Diaries. I live on the beautiful island of Tasmania with my husband Wade and our dog Benny. I'm an illustrator who dabbles in all sorts of creative arts and loves bright colours, vintage design, adventures, traveling, caravans, trees, elephants and everything handmade! I believe in marching to your own beat, living a life full of love and adventure, getting back to basics and being real. Red Parka Diaries is a blog about art, craft and building a beautiful, creative, sustainable and original life. It's a place for me to share my own and others artwork, to document my journey and to share the things that inspire me. It's about what makes me come alive. I love connecting with creative, adventurous people all around the world and I hope you'll be one of them!
My Favorite Post: 5 Books That Changed My Life

Sponsor 650x400 Hey Birdfriend

Hi, I'm Mackenzie! I'm a student studying apparel merchandising, business, and art at Indiana University. I have an accessories line called Birdfriend, selling handmade headbands, jewelry, and cute creatures here in Bloomington and online. I'm obsessively crafty-- I'd always rather make something than buy it. My focus right now is in knitting, crocheting, and embroidery, but I'm up for pretty much anything. Because I'm a student, I don't always have time to craft... which is where my love of fashion comes in. Putting together a cute, eclectic outfit is the second best thing!! I'm also an avid street style photographer (see my Btown Street Style blog) and whenever I get the chance, I love to DIY and alter my clothes to be more unique.
My Favorite Post: Across the Universe

Sponsor 650x400 Adrienne Rose

I'm Adrienne. Married, Puppy Momma, Coffee Lover, Stay at Home Wife to a U.S. Army Soldier, Living in Germany. The Army doesn't come up a whole lot on the blog, but I like adventures, travels, drawing, crafts, and internetting it up! I am ALL for "live and let live" and "looking on the bright side".
My Favorite Post: Paris, A Recap

Sponsor 650x400 BeisforBecky

Awesome like this isn't born every day. Follow my adventures in life, my obsession with all things miniature and my love of skirts. With some fur ladies, crafts and a husband mixed in.
My favorite post: I Blog About Dresses with A Husband

Sponsor 650x400 SharetheLove
My name is Stephanie and I'm on this earthly journey learning how to accept love in my life and share it with others. One thing I've realized is that once you let love in, its source is infinite. This was not a familiar concept for me 10 years ago, but now it's my priority in life. LOVE. And I have many loves which I write about on my blog.
My Favorite Post: Therapy Thursday

Sponsor 650x400 LittleGhostVintage

Dawn, Owner of Little Ghost Vintage: There comes a time in every gals life where she can either let her days play out the way they fall or she can take charge of her future and at least try to be who she always wanted...which is where I find myself. I'm in my mid thirties (omg...I'm.In.My.Mid.Thirties) and have always wanted own a small shop and spend my days curating vintage and antique items. I'm doing just that via Little Ghost the store and Little Ghost Vintage on Etsy. tarting over has been a dream come true for me and it's so easy to work 7 days a week when the people who come in contact with are amazing and the work you're doing is something you love and believe in. I hope Little Ghost grows and can't wait to start upcylcing second hand items into something new and exciting!

I would like to THANK all these lovely ladies for sponsoring/swapping with me this month!
If you are interested in sponsoring my blog, I'd love to hear from you! Visit my sponsorship page HERE.


  1. AWE! I had no idea that I was going to be featured in a Sponsor post! Totally cute, and thank you! :)))

    1. Surprise :) You are welcome. Thanks for the swap.

  2. They all look fantastic. Can't wait to check them out.

    1. You should. :) I can't wait to feature you next month. YAY!

  3. omgoodness you're so awesome!! I love this. Thank you so much to you too :)


    1. You are welcome!! Thanks for swapping with me. :)


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