My Favorite Pins

I love Pinterest, but do not use it as much as others. I tend to forget about it since I blog about everything. My boards are so empty!! I need to start pinning more! I was looking at my boards and picked out a few of my favorite pins....

Pinterest Favorites Title Pinterest Favorites1Click the numbers to visit the link!

1 Robert Pattinson \\ Love this image of him. Am I the only person who doesn't get how Kristen Stewart could cheat on him??
2 Robot Pillow \\ Love this for a little boy's nursery! How fun would a robot theme be?
3 One Day Can Change Everything (Story of my life!)
4 Whale Sculpture \\ I would love to see this sculpture in person.
5 Stop Whaling Print \\ I don't have to example why I love the print.
6 Chevron Painting \\ Love this painting by Esty Seller CuppaColor

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  1. Wowza! That whale sculpture is incredible. I love to see it in person too. I used Pinterest a lot several months ago but I haven't been on it much lately. I found that I'd get sucked in too easily and then suddenly three hours had passed!

  2. OOh! I don't think I've seen that pic of R.Patz before!
    I'm following you on Pinterest. Follow me back!

  3. Tracy - Isn't he such a pretty boy? LOL I just started using my iphone to start pinning....oh boy! Now that is addicting!!!

    Kim - That whale would be so awesome to see in person,...I think the artist has quite a few.


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