Our First Year in WYOMING

So believe it or not we moved from the state of Ohio to the state of Wyoming a year ago! It went really fast, but time always flies by. After a year of living here I think you get a feel of whether or not you are going to like a place long term. There are pro's and con's of course. Great things have happened to us since Cody joined the Air Force!

Wyoming Sign

If Cody hadn't joined the Air Force so many things would not of happened to us! Not only did we move 1,200 miles from our family & friends, we have changed as people in general. It just proves that one decision leads to so many events happening:
Cheyenne listw-bikes
1 \\ 2 \\ 3 \\ 4 \\ 5 \\ 6

When we first moved here we had a crappy apartment for 2 months, but then got our nice place on base. We were pretty depressed when we first moved here. We didn't really have anyone to hang out with. I learned really fast that the Air Force is kinda like "high school". There are clicks and if you aren't one of the cool kids you have no friends. People drink here A LOT. I don't drink and can't stand drunks. You have people moving to this Air Force city from all over the country. You get here and you choose your path: Get a bike & become outdoorsy OR be drunk all the time. I hate to say it so bluntly, but it's so true.

Antelope live on the Air Force base and are protected. I love seeing them everyday.

We were biking the other day and my peddle was falling off. A nice older gentlemen that was also biking stopped to help us fix my bike. He asked us where we were from. We told him Cincinnati Ohio. It's so different here in Wyoming. We told him that we chose to get into biking, not drinking. He laughed and said that's exactly how it is here! We have only biked about 6 times so far and man it's hard! I love it though and plan to just keep getting better and stronger. We actually plan to "train" all winter and workout a lot, to hopefully be able to bike to the top of the summit at the Rocky Mountains next year! We'll see, it's a good goal but hard I think.

The sky here is always so beautiful!
We enjoy hugging trees now!

So biking is for sure a highlight of living here. You can bike anywhere though. California still holds a special place in my heart. BUT since we are owned by the military right now, Wyoming it is. We don't get to move for at least 2 - 4 years. That's if we are lucky. So with that said, we are actually thinking about buying a house here. It seems crazy since we don't really love it here, but it doesn't look like we are moving for awhile anyways. A house means free range on decorating!!! A garden and no stupid rules anymore. Sounds like a whole bunch of awesome to me.

I love seeing windmills everywhere I go!
I love going to Veduawoo National Park. Hiking is so much fun.

Other things that I like about Wyoming is it's pretty. We haven't even seen Yellowstone or other beautiful parks the state has to offer. Sadly, we just hate the city we live in. The state really isn't the issue. We are 1200 miles from our family and friends back in Ohio. 1200 miles from the city we lived in while in California! 1200 miles from Portland Oregon, a place I really want to see. We like that we are in the middle of the country, making road trips fun and scenic. I always try to focus on the positives in life and not the negatives.

They still have many old billboards here. Mostly "Cowboy" related.
I do love having cute wildlife in my yard all the time!

Why I hate my city though: Well they have the biggest rodeo in the country here every year. The city is small and in my opinion it's way too many people in one area! I am not a "country girl", so I still laugh when I see people walking around with chaps on. ;) Of course I don't support the rodeo because I am Vegan. I honestly think it's cruel and don't understand why people would risk their lives to do it. That's just me I guess. The drivers here are so SSSSLLLLLOOOWWWWWWW! (Slow)

Yes, we have a Wrangler Store.
Everyone has to have a big ass truck here. It's a bit annoying!

The speed limit is basically 30 m.p.h. everywhere you go. In Ohio, when the light is green, you GO! They don't seem to understand that concept here and don't even get me started on merging!!! LOL I guess really, the pro's out weigh the con's. My main problem is that I lived in California and I want to explore maybe living in Arizona or New Mexico. I just feel stuck,....well I am. Honestly though, it's not that bad. I just know that I wouldn't pick Wyoming as a long term place to stay. I want palm trees!

So it's different, but I do embrace the change that my life has become. I am so thankful to have traveled half the country just from Cody joining the Air Force. Moving away from family and friends and your everyday routine of life, has changed us. I feel like we aren't as lazy now. We used to take life for granted and do nothing. Now all we want to do is GO GO GO!!! Travel, sight see and go places. Also become VERY fit! We are actually saving money now and feel like life is on the right track. I love our relationship more. We are stronger and closer then ever. I feel blessed. We also have met some great friends, Kara and Dan.

Us at the Rocky Mountain National Park, so happy!

We can get approved for a VA home loan in December. Will we buy or not? I don't know. The houses are pricey here for an Airman's paycheck. We don't want a fixer upper, been there done that! We want a home because we are really thinking about having a baby. We want more room to grow. A home that has space for guests to come visit. I think having my own house again may make me feel better about living here in Wyoming also. I am excited to see what our life brings us! I do know that I miss California and can't wait to go vacation out west with Cody. He has so much to see still!!!

Maybe typing this all out made me realize it's not so bad.
I just know there are other places that I want to live someday, and that's where I will settle down. :)


  1. That's a huge change for sure. I hope you'll be able to feel more comfortable where you live over time, maybe in another house :) I want the same thing as you, I'd like to see so many places! :)

  2. It looks so pretty out there with all those mountains!

  3. I totally understand how you feel. I moved to the U.P. of Michigan a little over a year ago (from central Wisconsin) and I miss it so much. I can't imagine living so far away from family and friends. Actually, I can - I moved to Orlando, FL for a short while (4 months) to be with my boyfriend as he finished college, but I didn't miss my friends as much because I knew we were planning on moving back home. Like you, my sweetie's parents just bought a house up here and I am worried that we'll be stuck here forever. Hopefully being able to decorate our new home and "be free" from the confines of renting will change my outlook. Whatever decision you make, I know it'll be for the best! But, I do hope that you guys buy a house :]

    ♥ Em

  4. I sympathize! I also moved across country to Wyoming (from Vermont to Lander) I really disliked it...the beauty was so severe. Not enough trees for my taste although I could easily imagine Sam Elliot riding down the rugged mountains!

    I couldn't take the desolation and moved to Colorado. It's much nicer here, IMO.. more trees, more jobs, less Meth.. lol!

    Hope you find the perfect home!

  5. Thanks everybody!! It's so different to move away from a place you lived your whole life. BUT honestly, after posting all this, it made me happy. :) Leaving Ohio was the best thing that's ever happened to us!

    Nicole - I LOVE COLORADO!!!!!!

  6. Jess,

    I enjoyed reading this so much, and it made me laugh a couple times! :)

    It makes me feel SO good that you are able to see the country. I wish there was a way for me to get out of Ohio too. For now, things are going well at work, and I do like my house a lot. But other times I really do feel "stuck" here. Moving away from where you grew up definitely has its pros and cons, like you said. But, life is short, and it can get boring if we don't just go out and make things happen. Have fun with the new bike!!!

    Love, **your friend in Ohio** :)

  7. Thanks Dan! :) I thin someday you'll be *my friend in California*

  8. It must be hard to leave everything you know behind. It is fun to explore new places though. I hope in the future you find a place that truly makes you happy. I have lived here in Texas my whole life and at times I think I would love to move to California or New York but it would be hard to leave my close friends here.

  9. I hope ya'll get a house b/c I want to see you have a cutie pie baby!! :)

  10. My sister feels the same way. She lives in Rock Springs. There's some positives about Wyoming but she misses things from home too. She's also 'stuck' due to her husbands job, for now. But they bought a house and are making the best of it too and trying to look for the positives.


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