Brass Armadillo & More Pyrex!

Over the weekend Cody and I decided to head down to the Denver Brass Armadillo. I think this is our 4th trip now, maybe 5th. I still enjoy it every time. We seem to always find what we are looking for! We wanted MORE PYREX. With all the booths there you really have to look because some were cheap and others were OUTRAGEOUS!

BrassArmadillo1 8.25.12
I always snap pictures of stuff that I find interesting or fun while antiquing!
The big "&" metal sign was $75. Cody said NO!
If you collect Barbies, there are a million there!
BrassArmadillo6 8.25.12
I am in love with the antique cabinet above! Seem weird?
I really want a cabinet to paint a bright color and put some of my toy collection in!
I would only paint something that's not in very good shape.
The cabinet above is priced at $449. It won't be coming home with me anytime soon. :(
BrassArmadillo5 8.25.12
The Pyrex above was very pricey. Very pretty to look at, but not affordable for me.
Then we came to a booth I could afford! You can see how happy I was...
BrassArmadillo3 8.25.12
I just started digging. There were so many colors and patterns!
I debated on the snowflake pattern. I love the color, but hate snow. LOL
Snowflakes remind me of snow, so I decided to pass on that pattern.
BrassArmadillo2 8.25.12
When it was time to leave, I told the cashier we didn't want any bags or the items wrapped.
He said, "Really??" and I replied, "Yeah, I'm like a hippie that doesn't believe in bags." He laughed.
I was so happy leaving the store without bags and wrapping paper! YAY!
So what did I get?
BrassArmadillo7 8.25.12
A whole bunch of cuteness!!!
BrassArmadillo9 8.25.12
My favorite thing I got is the bowl below.
We bought it to hold our coffee beans!!!
(We are such coffee junkies!)
This piece is actually Fire King!
BrassArmadillo8 8.25.12
If you missed it, you can view the Pyrex I scored last week HERE.
Why Pyrex you may ask? I want to be GREEN and plastics are harmful to our health!
I am trying to cut down on my plastic use and purchases as much as I can. :)
Plus Pyrex is just awesome anyways.
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  1. I have that same Crazy Daisy covered casserole dish! It so handy when you're only making dinner for two :) Oh and for holiday dips for a big family lol. You got some great finds :)

    xo Amber P.

  2. the star wars toys! ah! and i LOVE this outfit you are wearing - is that a hello kitty necklace i spot?

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. We're so jealous about that Daisy covered casserole! We find Pyrex all the time, but we've never even seen one of those in person.

  4. Chris, I almost didn't buy that dish! I am glad I did now. :)

    Katerine, yes, it's hello kitty. :) No matter how old I get I will always still wear her. lol

    Amber, I am loving using the Pyrex over plastic! It's such awesome stuff!

  5. Pyrex...drooool.... You got some good deals on yours! I picked up one piece of Butterprint this weekend that matches my bowl. I see a lot of it, but just can't bear to pay too much for it!

  6. OMG Pyrex Heaven!! I have a thrifty thursday party link party. Would love your you to join!!
    xo sandra

  7. I love every piece you got! That royal wheat promo divided dish is one of my favorites! The first piece I owned! Found you over on thrifty thursdays! Love your blog! :)

  8. Great finds!!! Ah, love them! Thanks for linking up, I'm one of the co-hosts! XoXo, Crystal from Billie Jean

  9. I grew up with some of those pyrex pieces, love them, good score! I really want the aqua snowflake design ones.

  10. Nice Pyrex finds! There sure were some pieces in there that I wouldn't have left behind.

    - Sir Thrift-A-Lot


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