Organization: Bedroom Closets

I am already thinking of "projects" to do this winter! One project I want to attack is my bedroom closet! It's pretty tiny, but there is so much wasted space. I like things to be organized, color coordinated and pretty. My closet right now is basically, "Hang it, close the door and forget about it!" I found some inspiring closets online and wanted to share them with you....

Organized Closet1

Organized Closet words
Organized Closet Collage1
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Most the links above also offer some great tips on how to get organized!
One of my favorite closets is Nicole's of Making it Lovely
Organized Closet Nicole1
It's actually just a wardrobe from IKEA!!! Gotta love IKEA!
Organized Closet Nicole2
Isn't it pretty? Makes you want to make your closet nice doesn't it?
I don't want to spend a lot and I would like to be as thrifty as possible!
I will probably set a strict budget and STICK TO IT!!!
Also, I want to buy things that I can use in any future closet I may have and durable enough to keep moving around, since I move a lot.
Any suggestions? What does your closet look like?


  1. This is quite inspiring! I am moving in a few weeks and I am going to have a huge walk-in closet, enough room for our dressers and organizing space. This definitely makes me want to get organized

  2. OH, how I would love a walk in closet. Mines more like a "step in" closet. LOL I am still determined to do something cute with it.

  3. I need to get serious about organizing my closet (and even my room) - I just hate cleaning lol.

  4. Jessie, you're reading my mind!!!! I have been pinning so many inspiration closets. It can get costly, but I LOVE the organization in these closets. I like to see my stuff especially my shoes!

    7eventh Letter


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