Jumping on the iphone / instagram bandwagon

OH NO! The last thing I needed was to be able to take MORE pictures!!!! I have jumped on the iphone bandwagon! The main reason I got an iphone is to be able to take more photos and use Instagram. Since we have been traveling the last few days, my first pictures are mostly of us in the car and driving around. Instagram is really fun! Here are a few of my favorite shots I took in the past few days....

Follow me @jessiedmeece or view my photos HERE.Driving back to Wyoming 8.3.12 My Sea Shepherd Shirt 8.3.12Chloe stressed out in the car 8.3.12 Muffins in the sunFlowers in OhioChloe Cody and Me 8.3.12 Missouri SkyPilot coffee The Cleveland show upload Stripes Driving back to Wyoming 8.3.12 Muffins sleeping in the car 8.3.12 Our old house (the start of my blog)

While in Ohio we drove by our old house. It was a bittersweet moment.
I was glad to see the house basically looked the same and all my landscaping I planted a few years back is growing very well.
Our old house is being taken care of and loved! You can see photos of my old home HERE.
Hope you all have a great weekend! Cody and I are on our way back to Wyoming!
Gotta go back to work on Monday.


  1. Welcome to the train! Instagram is soooo much phone. Well, iPhones are so much fun! (Best phone on the planet!) You'll love Instagram. Promise. I would love for you to follow me @teatreevintage :]

    ♥ Emily
    <a href="http://teatreevintage.blogspot.com>Tea Tree</a>

  2. YAY! I started following you. I promise to start posting better pictures! lol I am still learning how to play with the phone. Plus, I basically have been in my car for 3 days straight.

  3. I got an iPhone for the instagram app, I love it so much my name is twotimegrime if you want to follow me :(

  4. Welcome to instagram! :) Be careful not to get addicted haha :p

  5. Oh my goodness your puppy dogs! OOH MY GOODNESS!!!

  6. I think I already am addicted. LOL

  7. Your furry children are too adorable! Great pictures!


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