My Bathroom Decorated

Since the warm weather started my decorating projects have kinda come to a stand still. Honestly though, I don't have much more decorating to do in our home. By the time I get it all done we'll be moving again! I have never shared any photos of our tiny upstairs bathroom. Since it's so small it is hard to take photos of it!

Upstairs Bath1
I kept it simple since it is such a tiny space.
I would love to have a bathroom with a large counter!
I hate trying to have my blow dryer, straightener and makeout all out in this bathroom.
It doesn't work out to well.
My shower curtain is from Big Lots. I felt so lucky to find it! I love the trellis pattern.
Upstairs Bath2
The artwork I have had for years. They are doodles by Jo from Desire To Inspire.
I found a white tissue cover/box for $1 at Goodwill!
Upstairs Bath3
On the opposite side of the room, I hung two floating shelves which I also purchased at Goodwill.
I spray painted them white and placed a few cute little things on them.
I designed the little framed print, "Good Morning Starshine, The Earth Says Hello!".
I had to incorporate a few of my favorite Mickey Vinylmations into the room.
Upstairs Bath4
It's cute and simple. There are tons of shower curtains I love on Urban Outfitters website,
but I can just get new stuff when we move again. :)

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