Quick Trip To Ohio

Well August has arrived and it has started out badly. Someone is my family has passed away and Cody and I decided to drive to Ohio to attend the funeral. I debated whether to put this on here or not, but I feel I am kinda going to go off-line for a few days and wanted to explain why. Cody and I decided to drive to Ohio, not fly. We had to take our dogs with us and we saved a lot of money by driving.

Ohio Trip1 Aug 2012
The drive was brutal. We decided to drive straight through from Wyoming to the Cincinnati Ohio area.
1200 miles in about 19 hours: We left at 3:45am and arrived around 11pm.
There was a lot of construction that slowed us down.
Ohio Trip2 Aug 2012
I don't know where the Dinosaur is, maybe Nebraska. I think it's for a museum.
Even though we went to Ohio to attend a funeral, we do get to see our family.
Cody hadn't been to Ohio for a year.
We just showed up at his parents house to surprise them. They had no idea we were even in Ohio.
Ohio Trip3 Aug 2012
As far as my aunt passing away.....
I know she is smiling down on me and there is no way I couldn't make the 19 hour drive for her. :)

Thanks to everyone who left me comments in the last few days, I swear next week I will get caught back up again. Luckily I had some posts already done and scheduled for this week. I know you guys have been posting some great things on your blogs and I swear I will stop by and say hi next week!

I will have some cute pictures of some Alpaca's next week to share with you and I will soon be joining the world of Instagram because I got an iphone! YAY!

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