Thrifty Finds: PYREX

After watching the movie BAG IT, Cody and I were inspired to challenge ourselves to a less "plastic life." Since going Vegan we pack our lunch all the time and use reusable plastic containers. Everyone does right? We all have a million of them. Cody and I have decided that we are slowly going to start using less plastic. One thing we are doing is buying vintage Pyrex. This will replace all the plastic we use for left overs in our fridge. I found some awesome collections online that I wanted to share with you....
Pyrex Love1 LINKS
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I love all the colors together. It's like PURE VINTAGE HAPPINESS!!!
I love that I am also shopping second hand. Too much plastic is being produced in the world and
these beautiful pieces of Pyrex are just sitting at antique malls and thrift stores waiting to be purchased!

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Cody and I are thinking about buying a house and I keep thinking about how cool it would be to decorate with Pyrex.
We most likely would do a kitchen remodel and add some glass door cabinets to display all the colorful pieces!
So of course Cody and I were ready to start shopping.
We hit some great antique shops over the weekend and here is what we found... New Pyrex1 Aug 2012
We kept finding the small covered dishes in red and blue, priced at $10 each!
I am way cheaper then that. Plus I don't want the primary colors.
My favorite Pyrex pattern is Daisy, which is the large orange covered dish on the bottom.
We picked up a few other glass items as well.
A cute glass container with a yellow lid and a syrup dispenser....
New Pyrex2 Aug 2012
A few years back I started collecting the Daisy pattern. I have the mixing bowl set and a smaller covered dish!
It was so fun hunting for things with Cody yesterday.
I am so lucky to have an awesome husband who appreciates good vintage pieces!!!

Do you collect Pyrex? What pattern is your favorite??

You can view my other Pyrex HERE. I use it in my Alice in Wonderland display in my dining room.


  1. I love Pyrex too! and have loads of plastic containers. When we get home from shopping I take everything out of the plastic wrappers and put them in bowls in the fridge. I have leaving food in its packaging, it sweats and goes all yucky!
    I keep my Pyrex on a shelf in the kitchen it's pretty to look at and useful :)

  2. That's just a whole lot of wonderful right there.

  3. I am in love with Pyrex. My mother in law always looks for more for me when she's out thrifting.

  4. @The Quiet Owl: Totally agreed!

  5. It's pretty addicting hunting for the little treasures. LOL It will be a good winter thing! The Brass Armadillo in Denver has TONS of it.


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