The Capitol Building - Cheyenne, WY

I am always telling everyone to make sure that they explore their own city or town. Get out and do the things offered to you locally. Also make sure to take lots of pictures while doing so! I decided to follow my own advise and go see the Capitol Building in my little city of Cheyenne....

Capital 1 It's probably the prettiest building here where I live, besides some of the amazing old churches.
I really enjoyed photographing this beautiful old building.
Capital 2
I know we won't live in Cheyenne forever, so I want to make sure I photograph it.
I know some day when Cody and I are gray and old we'll enjoy looking back at all the pictures I took....
Capital 4 Capital 3 It's pretty isn't it? I love the tall columns.
Capital 6

The Buffalo statues still fascinate me around town. It's so different then just seeing a buckeye on a flag in Ohio. I just wish people didn't EAT Buffalo here, that I don't get at all. (Gross,...that's a another post for a different day!) I haven't seen a real Buffalo yet, except at the zoo. That doesn't really count to me though. I have many more things I hope to photograph here in Cheyenne, Wyoming in the future.

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  1. I'm happy you were able to check that out. :)
    Most capital cities are much closer toward the center of the state. Cheyenne is practically in the SE corner, which isn't too common. But, it makes sense, since the center of Wyoming has very few people, and it's also the least populated state.


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