My Favorite Pins #2

I really enjoy featuring some of my favorite pins here on my blog! I starting use my iphone to use Pinterest at night if I can't sleep, which sadly is often. I must say I enjoy it way better on my phone. I used to never spend time on Pinterest looking at others pins, now I know why everyone likes it so much. LOL Here are a few of my favorite pins and why.....

Pinterest Favorites Title2
Pinterest Favorites2
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1 Lindsey's Red Hair \\ Lindsey blogs over at Thrift & Shout
2 The Painted Desert in Arizona \\ When can I go? No really. This is happening next summer!
3 Sand Kitten \\ One of the cutest wild cats I think!
4 Blue Modern Nursery \\ LOVE! Isn't is perfect? I love the color and style.
5 Alice Quote \\ Such a pretty print and one of the best Alice In Wonderland quotes I think!

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  1. Love the butterfly mobile. Also, I think Alison is great and I love that quote too! I'm thinking maybe I should craft it in my own way :)



  2. Oh my gosh the sand kitten!! I can't even!

  3. Marielle,
    I know that nursery is amazing!!!!

    I know. ADORABLE.


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