Monthly Review // August 2012

Month in Review Title Aug12
Aug 2012 in Review
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1 We made a very quick trip to Ohio
2 I got my iphone and jumped on the Instagram bandwagon! YAY!
3 Learned A LOT of valuable information about the environment from the movie BAG IT
4 Cody & I had our 9 year anniversary of when we started dating :)
5 Finally got some black & white Converse and did a cute outfit post in them
6 Got some great Pyrex!
7 Took some cute photos of some Alpacas

I would like to welcome all my new followers. I have a lot of new readers since I start swapping and purchasing ad space on other blogs. It really helps to inspire me to keep blogging, because it is a lot of work. I try really hard to keep up with reading everyone else's blogs, but man there just isn't enough hours in the day!! I will say I love everyone's comments and if you comment I try hard to stop by your blog also. :) So again, thanks to all of you!

Cody and I went biking a few times in August and I am getting better. It's really hard and now I know that my bike is part of the problem. It's heavy and I'm really light, so it's very hard for me to GO!!! It's been a great summer and I hate to see it go! I have some great things planned for September! Cody and I are going to Disney World next month and I will have some fun guest posts planned. Do you love Disney or have you been to one of the many parks?

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  1. I agree. It's been hard for me to keep up with blogging and reading other blogs, although I really enjoy it.


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