Cody & Me: Together for 9 YEARS!!!

It's hard for me to believe that Cody and I started dating today 9 years ago. People ask us often how we met. Well we were both working at Lowe's. Cody had been working there for awhile before I applied. One of my first days of work / job orientation the H.R. Manager was giving me and some others a grand tour of the store. We walked down towards the end of the store where lumber is located to see that area. That is where I first saw Cody for the very first time.

Us 8.12.12 2

He was sitting on a forklift talking to one of the other guys that worked there.
As cheesy as this sounds, we both saw each other at the same time.
We were "checking" each other out I guess you could say. LOL
I think we were about 50 feet apart. Then we stopped looking at each other and my day went on.

Us 8.12.12 1

Some time passed before we actually spoke. Sometimes I would be the cashier in lumber and be nervous knowing he would be working down there. Being new I needed help often and one day I had to ask Cody for help.
The first thing I ever said to Cody was,"If I was sheet metal, where would I be?"
He chuckled and said, " Aisle 12. " That was me trying to be funny. :)

Us 8.12.12 5

The entire story is very long, I will spare you! All summer I dreamed of being with this guy named Cody. He was all I talked about to my friends. Oh, did I mention I had a boyfriend? Oops. I was in a bad unhealthy relationship, so Cody happening couldn't of been better timing. One day I finally got the courage to go up to him and just confess my feelings. Cody later told me as I was confessing that "I had a crush on him", he could see me shaking. I was so nervous. Cody was the first guy I ever had courage to ask out myself.

Us 8.12.12 3

Cody turned me down at first, because he also was dating someone at the time. I was so crushed and heartbroken. I cried my eyes out. It took so much courage to even tell him how I felt. The connection between Cody and I was so strong even before we knew each other. I felt like I knew him already, without really knowing anything about him. It was strange really. About a month passed and Cody approached me to tell me that he dumped his girlfriend. A few days later we were dating and started calling ourselves a couple. It's been 9 years today!

Us 8.12.12 4

A lot has changed and happened in 9 years! WOW, alot!!! We both have iphones now which is really funny to me. We have always hated cell phones and wanted to get rid of them! Now we have freakin smart phones. LOL Cody just got his first pair of "Chucks" as you can see in the pictures above.

It hasn't always been sunshine and rainbows. We have had some rough times when we both thought that we wouldn't be able to go on. We got through it though and it made us stronger in the long run. We have grown together. My views on the world have changed, yet Cody's have also. So many people say as you get older you can grow apart. I am glad we have just grown closer. We have moved 7 times, we remodeled a house together, we both went Vegan, he joined the Air Force and I followed him. He is amazing and I am so thankful for the life I have everyday!!


  1. I never knew the story of how you two met! So cute. That's cool you made the first move. I have never done that. Ever! Love the matching shoes and phones. Hope you two have 100 more years together.

  2. Thanks guys! It's very exciting. :)

  3. Congratulations on Celebrating 9 years together!!!! This is the cutest story. I'm still waiting on my Happily Ever After. Keep it going guys!!! :)

    7eventh Letter

  4. Congratulations! 9 years is such a long time but I could only be happy when I get to celebrate in a few years. You seem like such a nice couple!


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