Design Boards: Nursery Style

Years ago I had my own interior design business that specialized in decorating kids' rooms and nurseries. I think they are the most fun spaces to decorate. Since my urge to have a baby has kicked in, I wanted to throw some design boards together. Each board focuses on items from one store. I chose IKEA & Walmart this time around!

Design Board #1 \\ IKEA \\ Bold & Whimsical
Nursery Style featuring IKEA \\ Aug 2012
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I like mixing more grown up decor with baby stuff.
I tend to like nurseries that aren't overly "baby" themed.
IKEA always has great stuff with bold fun patterns!
My favorite thing is the curtains!
They have tree limbs with little birdies on them! CUTE!

Design Board #2 \\ Walmart \\ Pink & Girly
Nursery Style WALMART
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The crib on this design board is hands down my favorite and most affordable "modern" crib I can find.
When and if I do have a baby, that crib will be mine!
It also has great reviews!
I am also posting these design boards over on my baby blog, My Mod Baby!
I don't post over there much, but hope to change that in the future. :)


CONGRATS to KIM for winning the giveaway from Curio Design Studio! Thanks to all who entered and thanks to Allison for giving away one of her lovely designs!


  1. The owl board is too cute!

  2. Oh man, these are both super adorable! But, I really love the Ikea one! Now you've got me thinking about babies! Ahh! :]

    ♥ Em

  3. They're both super cute! Sometimes I wish I could have more kids just so I could decorate another nursery! ;)

  4. Kim, I love owls in nurseries. So cute!

    Emily, Well you did just get a house. ;) LOL

    Tracy, I want to decorate a nursery so badly!!!


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