Violet inspired me to do this post. She shared some of her current "song crushes" a few weeks ago. I enjoyed listening to her playlist and finding a few new songs I enjoyed. I love music. As many long road trips I have taken by myself, music helps me get THERE! I picked some of my current favorite songs and bands to share with you! I try not to listen to "main stream" music, but at the same time if I love something, screw it! I'm going to love every note and sing along!
Currently Listing2 collage1

Current Favorite Songs // September by Jessie {my mod style} on Grooveshark

Currently Listing2 collage2

I discovered so many bands that were "new" to me by listening to the Twilight Saga Soundtracks. Florence & The Machine, The Black Keys and Band of Skulls! Three of my favorite bands for sure. I love "oldies" like Neil Diamond, Buddy Holly and The Rolling Stones. Most the music I listen to is upbeat. Every Black Keys album is amazing. They have such a unique sound and every album is a bit different. Even Cody listens to them now because of me. Foster The People,...LOVE! :)

So what do you love to listen to? Anything you would suggest for me?

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