Inspiration: Globe Collections

Once I started seeing more and more globe collections online, the more I started to want my own globes. Everyday I get more interested in traveling and seeing the world. Cody and I talk about traveling to Australia, London and many other places worldwide. I love looking at maps and globes to see where countries are located. I think it's a fun thing to decorate with and display in your home!
Decor PadGlobe Collection
Apartment TherapyGlobe Collection
Vogel 10 & Completely Coastal
Globe CollectionGlobe Collection
Craving Cupcakes
Globe Collection
Apartment Therapy & Glimpse of Glamour
GlobesGlobe Collection
Inspire Bohemia
Globe Collection

I will share photos of my living room soon where my globes are displayed!


  1. I love globes. I've considered starting to collect them a few times but I've never even bought one. I think I should have at least one in my house though even if I don't have room for a whole collection.

  2. I only have 2 globes and a globe bank. I don't plan on buying tons of them, just unique ones. If I find one that is really cool there is no way I will be able to pass it by.


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