Cincinnati Union Terminal Center

While visiting Ohio last month my friend Dennis & I went to the Union Terminal Center in downtown Cincinnati. I tried to be artsy here and put these 4 pictures together to make a panoramic photo of the building, but it's crazy looking....
Union Terminal 4pics togetherCincy Motion5
There is so much to do and see at the Cincinnati Museum. During our visit they had the Pompeii Exhibit, which was very interesting and sad at the same time. An entire city covered in ash from a volcano. I counted my blessings that day and my heart went out to the people who lost their lives. Needless to say, I couldn't photograph any of that. The other part of the museum we did walk through was Cincinnat In Motion. It's a train scaled display of downtown Cincinnati during the early 1900's.
Cincy Motion2 Look how cute the Union Terminal Center model is... Cincy Motion1 My favorite thing in the display was the roller coaster from Coney Island... Cincy Motion4 Cincy Motion3 The train/city display was so fun to look at, but hard to photograph. It's very dark in the museum.
They have lights that change the city scene from night and day.
You can view my pictures of the REAL Downtown Cincinnati {HERE}.


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