My Living Room {May 2012}

I wanted to share updated pictures of my living room! Last month I mentioned how I wanted to hang a world map over my couch. Once the idea was in my head there was no turning back! We found a world map for $6.00 at Barnes & Noble...
Living Room May1
I would of loved to had it custom framed, but paying to have that done was unrealistic for us right now. Instead we purchased foam chair rail from Lowes and just made a frame for it. The poster is just taped on the wall and then we used heavy duty poster hanging tape to hang the frame right over the map. The frame is foam and very light weight. We just glued the frame together with a glue gun. The total cost for the project was about $30.
Living Room May2
I am still hunting for throw pillows for our couch. I want some big white fuzzy ones. Homegoods just opened a new store in Fort Collins Colorado, so I see a trip in my future! Pretty sure I will find some great pillows there! Going along with the whole map theme, I decided to frame a large California map and hang it over my desk. Now I can daydream about California even MORE everyday...
Living Room May4
I already had the map from when I went to California last year, so in other words it was FREE artwork to me.
Living Room May3
I am pretty happy with the look of the living room. I think it's funny that my vintage couch ended up matching the world map! On the other side of the room is where my sitting corner where we usually eat dinner. That is where my vintage chairs are. I hung a map of downtown L.A. and Flagstaff, Arizona in the corner...
Living Room May5
I am in love with my butterfly pictures from IKEA. There are my globes I got antiquing last month!
Living Room May7
Overall I feel like the room is finished. I will add pillows to my couch if I ever find the right ones and I may hang a few more things over in my sitting corner. I feel like it's HOME now. We love our world map and look at it everyday!

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  1. It looks great! I love framed maps. We just had a Home Goods open in our area and I can't get enough of it.


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