VEGAN FOOD: Penne & Chreese

When traveling I found different food products that I hadn't seen before in my local grocery stores. I found some Vegan friendly pasta by Road's End Organic's. I decided it was worth a try! One thing I had really missed eating was Mac & Cheese. There are so many great Vegan options though to keep you from giving into temptation. Even though at this point the thought of cheese and diary makes me sick to my stomach! After just 3 months of giving it up, I don't really miss it.
Dairy Free / Penne & Chreese Pasta This Vegan pasta version was Penne & Chreese. I still have yet to find and try the Mac N Cheese version.
Dairy Free / Penne & Chreese Pasta
I will say it doesn't have a strong "cheddar" taste. I added salt, pepper and Franks Red Hot to mine and it was delicious! It is a lot of calories to eat it all yourself, but it was my dinner one night. It was quick and easy! Great traveling meal. :) Cody and I eat it sometimes as a side dish with Black Bean Burgers.

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