My Guest Bedroom {Painting Furniture}

One thing I did last week was painted my furniture for my guest bedroom. I am not a fan of dark wood. I love white crisp furniture. It really gives a room a clean modern look.
Guest Bedroom Furniture Before
I used to always use KILZ primer whenever I did any DIY projects. I recently switched to Bulls Eye Primer and love it! I was lucky because the headboard and nightstand that I was painting didn't even need to be sanded. I painted the furniture with a small roller and applied 2 coats of primer.
Guest Bedroom Furniture During
I painted everything in one day. I never pay attention to the recommended dry times. (I don't recommend being like me. Inpatient!) I applied 3 coats of semi-gloss white paint purchased from Walmart. I probably should of used high-gloss paint, but I already had the semi-gloss so it saved me money.
Guest Bedroom Furniture After
So what do you think? I am very happy with the finished product. I was going to paint the nightstand yellow but decided I didn't want to over due the color in the room. It's not for me, but guests! Plus, I can add color with the bedding. I can't wait to setup the bed and finish all the details of the room!
Stay tuned....
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  1. super cute but im so scared of white...

  2. These look so great! Isn't it amazing how white gives old furniture a new life? I adore the yellow handles on the night stand. Also, love, love the silver lamp. Can't wait to see the bedding you choose.

    I'm thinking of painting my little bookcase in ombre (white to gray shades). What do you think?

  3. Thanks! I know white isn't for everybody! lol

  4. That would be really neat Peggy!!


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