Our 6 year Wedding Anniversary

Today marks 6 years of marriage for Cody & I.  The first thing I said to him this morning was, "Isn't it weird to think about what we did on this day 6 years ago?"  Of course, I don't mean "weird" in a bad way, it's just hard to believe how fast time goes by!  Here we on our wedding day...
Wedding Post 6yrs1
Probably one of my favorite things about my relationship with Cody is how supportive he is.  No matter what I want to do or what my beliefs are, he is right by my side to back me up.  I asked him one day, "Would you let me go to Antarctica to be Sea Shepherd?"  He said yes without hesitation.  He knows it is something so important to me and even though it's dangerous, he would let me follow my desire to go.  That was one of those simple moments when I knew what I had was so special.
Wedding Post2 6years
Like any relationship, we have been tested.  I am so proud of us for pulling through all of our hard times and always sticking together.  The whole Air Force experience has brought us even closer.  It's amazing how right on we are with all our beliefs and values.  We have both changed, but together in the same direction.  This August we will have been together a total of 9 years.
Wedding Post3 6years
It's so exciting to me to think we have been together almost 10 years!  Hopefully we can do something special next year for our anniversary.  Today we will just enjoy being together.
You can view pictures of our Wedding {HERE}
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  1. Happy Anniversary Jess!

    Cool picture of you & Cody standing in front of the wedding photo. :)

  2. Happy anniversary!! Your wedding pictures are so pretty and I love your venue! Wishes for many more happy years!

  3. Congrats on six years! Your wedding photos are gorgeous.


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