GREEN Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning and things looking nice I am borderline O.C.D.
I actually enjoy cleaning and straightening "messes" up. This is why working at IKEA was a good fit for me. There was always something to "fix". One of my nicknames at a previous job was "Little O.C.D". Not everyone loves to clean like I do...
GREEN cleaning4
Maybe I don't LOVE to clean, I just can't stand things messy and out of place. I wanted to talk about some new things I have tried in my home recently. We all have to clean somewhat. If you are like me, every time you go to pour a cup of coffee you spill some on the counter. (I guess I can never be a waitress!) Now that recycling has become very important to me I figured it was also time to do something about the amount of paper towels I use! (waste) Since I clean like crazy it was always very easy for me to not even notice how many rolls of towels I was going through. I decided this had to change!
GREEN cleaning2
I purchased some reusable sponges by Scotch Brite from Target. I purchased a pack of 4 and you just place them in the dishwasher to sanitize them. It's been a few weeks now since I started using them and I am very happy with the results. It just makes more sense! I am not wasting all these paper towels now to clean up one mess or wipe down my kitchen counters. It's saving me money by not having to purchase all those towels, plus I hate storing them. I am currently still using paper towels to clean the bathroom areas and also "pet accidents". I plan to just look for other options for the bathroom soon. I also started using Green Works cleaner for my kitchen. I plan to purchase the Seventh Generation cleaner in the future. I have also used it and love it! It doesn't seem to be as easy to find in the stores though...
GREEN cleaning1
Other products I have yet to try but would like to is anything by Method.... GREEN cleaning3
I am mainly interested in switching my hand soaps and dish soap to GREEN products. I really would love to try the anti-bac wipes. I usually would buy the Lysol wipes but their smell is so strong! It would be nice to use something that doesn't make me feel sick to my stomach if I smell it for to long! Then there is always the option of making your own cleaning products. I haven't reached this point yet but I am very interested in trying it someday soon. I found this great post about making your own cleaning products: Utopia Invitations.


  1. I'll be excited to see if you like these products in the long run. I don't use chemicals in cleaning and try to make my own things, but have found some just aren't that great! I'm looking for a good mirror and window cleaner that is "green", so if you find something you love that works well I'd love to hear! Three cheers for caring about what goes into our homes!

  2. I know that link that had to Utopia Invitations had a glass cleaner she home made. I will totally let you know though. I am just trying to use up all my old stuff before going out and buying all new. :)


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