MOSAIC - May 2012

Monthly Mosaic - May 2012

My Life Recap / May 2012
*This month I planned my blog posts, which meant I posted EVERYDAY!
*Cody & I had our 6 year Wedding Anniversary
*Took our dogs to the park FINALLY
*Did two blog makeovers {HERE} & {HERE}
*Did my first What I Wore Post
*Revealed my vintage chairs for my living room
*Revealed new photos of my living room with my world map over my couch
*Made a design board for Jennifer's Living Room


  1. I've been trying to plan blog posts as well. It's been a lot easier getting things up that way.

  2. Loved your blog this month. So happy you posted a lot.. had something to read. LOL!

  3. Thanks! LOL Hopefully I can do as well in June. It really helps having a plan & time.


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