Inspiration: IKEA Display Bedroom

Last month when we went to IKEA I fell in love with this display bedroom. I love the colors and furnishings!IKEA Bedroom Display - April 2012 Have you heard of Chip It? This actually was the first time I used it.
I am very surprised that there was no purple in the chips!
IKEA Bedroom Display - April 2012 Isn't this light fixture awesome? You can check it out {HERE}.
IKEA Bedroom Display - April 2012
I love well decorated IKEA displays. This color scheme is amazing!
Hopefully they have some new displays next time I go!


  1. We went to IKEA recently.. and I was really impressed. I'm always impressed.. but much more impressed these days. I feel like I'd like Ikea more if I had a house. We looked at IKEA kitchens. OMG. And all the light fixtures are so affordable. Even some of tbe bathroom stuff was cool. Oh to dream.

    Love this room as well.

  2. B., You are right, having a house is better for IKEA. Most my IKEA furniture got so beat up by the movers, much better if your not going to more across the country all the time. The kitchens are amazing!! I miss my IKEA kitchen in my old home. It's so fun to design and build the kitchen yourself.

  3. I love IKEA. I spotted that green lamp. It's great!

  4. Those colors are beautiful! The painting reminds me of one I was working on today. Funny how that happens. I also love the hanging light!


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