Guest Bedroom Update

I am making progress on my guest bedroom. I decided to purchase a mattress online since the mattress we wanted was unable to be delivered. I hate asking friends with trucks for help, so I just went with buying one from Walmarts website. The mattress came rolled up in a bag...
Guest Bedroom Mattress1
I had never purchased something like this online before. I didn't really know what to except. I had a feeling that when we opened the plastic up covering the mattress all hell was going to break lose. I was right. To prepare for that, we laid the mattress on top of the bed frame and moved out of the way as the mattress flew open...
Guest Bedroom Mattress2
I wish I would of got better action shots of the mattress opening up. It was pretty funny. You can see Cody laughing in the picture above. If you ever buy a mattress like this, be careful! Get the heck out of the way!
Guest Bedroom Mattress3
Overall the mattress was cheap and you get what you pay for. It is very firm and uncomfortable. I went and purchased a memory foam topper for $30 at Walmart to add some cushion. Now I am just working on all the finishing touches in the room. I have nice white bedding that I purchased. Now I just need to find some bright colored pillows to brighten it up!
Brackets for Frame
Memory Foam Topper

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I forgot that I never shared a photo of the dresser I found for the bedroom... Guest Bedroom Dresser
It's a great mid-century piece. We paid $95 for it, which was more then I wanted to spend on a dresser for our guest room. We both love it though and sooner or later it will be used by us or a nursery if I ever decide to have a baby. I will post more pictures of it when I reveal the finished room!


  1. Its so funny I went "that would be awesome for a nursery!!!". LOL. Or maybe one day you'll paint it. Who knows. It's a great peice to have though!! I wish we had a guest room. Our spare room is a "man cave". :(

  2. Thanks Lucy! It is very cute.

    B., We have had a lot more "baby" talk, so I guess it was a way for us to justify buying the guest bedroom furniture. lol Sorry you have a man cave. I am glad Cody doesn't want one.


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