What I Wore #1

Here I am leaving my comfort zone! I decided to try doing my first "What I Wore" post. I feel guilty even calling it that, since many other bloggers use the title already. I also have decided though with the bagillion (yes, I used a made up word!) blogs out there it's hard to not copycat each other in some way or other eventually. I also am doing this to help raise my own self-esteem and other blogger's have inspired me to do this post and hopefully more to come. I find myself changing so much and my blog is just along for the ride. I am just following my heart and being me.

First let me say that I hate taking pictures of myself. It's just weird to me. It will take some time for me to get over that. My outfit I picked for my first What I Wore post is just a simple everyday outfit. I wanted to take a new photo of myself for my blog profile picture, so my outfit matches my blog colors. I didn't have a super cool place to take my photos and Cody was at work, so I was on my own. I decided to just use our bedroom because I like the lighting in there...
WIW TITLE 650x100WHAT I WORE #1 // 5.15.2012 The first picture looks so serious, but really I was just trying to make sure my bra strap wasn't showing. :P
I really wasn't sure how to pose and I found myself just being silly and laughing at myself! WHAT I WORE #1 // 5.15.2012 Besides my outfit matching my blog, I picked this outfit because of the jeans.
I bought them in Ohio while thrifting for .69 cents!!!! WHAT I WORE #1 // 5.15.2012 OUTFIT BREAKDOWN:
Headband - Claires | Necklace - Vintage Butterfly/Thrifted | Shirt - Gabriel Brothers
Belt - Came w/shirt | Jeans - Candies/Thrifted | Shoes - Target (Years Ago!)
WHAT I WORE #1 // 5.15.2012
This outfit probably cost close to $30 for everything. That's only because I probably paid $15 for the shoes. I bought them years ago! The necklace is something I have had since I was a teenager. I will always love butterflies. It was fun going through all my pictures when I was done. I had some really funny ones but they were way to blurry to use! Better luck next time. My outfit wasn't very exciting but I did have fun! It was nice to have an excuse to do my makeup today. Even though I forgot to do my nails and put my lip gloss on! OOPS! It was my first time. I got some great pictures to use for my profile and blog!

I am linking up over at Blonde Episodes for Fashion Fridays!
Have a great weekend!



  1. I`m so jealous ! Everything looks so good on you!

  2. Oh don't be jealous. lol I am so tiny, it's hard me to buy anything that even fits. This outfit was just luck! :)

  3. girllll! i love that top! super super cute and you rock it so well.

  4. I hate pictures of me. But you on the other hand are just too adorable! I love the shirt, the bow in your hair, your shoes and your eyeliner. You should have your own show on HGTV. I'd watch!


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