Trip 2 The Park

For our Memorial Day we decided to take the dogs to the park.  I feel like a horrible pet parent because we have lived in Wyoming for 9 months and never taken the dogs to a park!  We did move here right when winter started, moved twice already and stayed pretty busy!  The weather here is crazy.  Basically you DON'T trust what the weathermen say, because a cold day can end up being beautiful and on a warm day it can end up snowing!  It was very windy today, but we decided to just go to the park anyways. Besides the strong wind it was perfect...
Memorial Day Park 2012 1
Muffins is so old now and is starting to have trouble walking. I did have to carry her often.
Chloe on the other hand was loving every moment and glad to be using her pinned up Chihuahua energy! Memorial Day Park 2012 2 Memorial Day Park 2012 3 Memorial Day Park 2012 4 Memorial Day Park 2012 5 We were so glad to get out of the house today! See the trees and the flowers. I really want to start taking the dogs places more often, even if I have to carry little Muffins sometimes. She loves the wind in her hair.... Memorial Day Park 2012 6 Memorial Day Park 2012 7 Memorial Day Park 2012 8 Memorial Day Park 2012 9
It was a great way to spend our day! I can't wait to take the dogs to another park soon!
Tomorrow we plan to go biking for the first time!


  1. Love your little family. Poor Muffins. :( I told Duane if we get a dog we have to get a dog stroller. He just rolled his eyes. But thats a beautiful park. We had one in Texas with a waterfall, bridge and everything. Nothing in GA as nice.

  2. Great pictures! Your dogs are so adorable!

  3. It's so funny I took 116 pictures yesterday and when I told Cody that he was like, "When and how?" I love taking a simple day and catching all the moments. :) B., You should get a dog. It would be good for you guys. Just make sure you get one that you can travel with or that is okay with being boarded!


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