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Recently I have complained about my current wardrobe and my lack of personal style. I love clothes and love feeling cute.  What I don't love is how frustrated I find myself when I go shopping and can't seem to find anything that fits or that I just simply LOVE enough to buy.  I have felt this way for years now and I want to challenge myself to fix.  I am still going to sit around the house in my jeans, but I think a good first step would be 1 day a week attempt to dress cuter.  I don't want to go out and just buy a bunch of stuff, unless it's second hand and found while thrifting!  Here is my first mock up board of things I want to incorporate into my wardrobe....
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

I designed this to help give me an idea of what I should look for when I am out.  I never have a plan, so maybe that's part of the problem!  I get overwhelmed and frustrated then go home empty handed.  I can't seem to put cute outfits together!  Hopefully making these mock up boards will help me, since I am a designer! :)  Here is a breakdown of what I picked and why....
I love stripes and I love dresses!  I much rather wear a dress then shorts during the summer.  I fell in love with the black and white dress above.  It has adjustable straps so I know it will actually fit me.  I picked out the belt to add color and love the hot pink earrings.  (I never wear earrings.)  I love the sandals and have always wanted to try a pair on!  They seem like they would go with a lot of outfits.
I don't like to follow trends, but I love colored pants. I really want a pink pair. The shorts are actually "kids" shorts from Target. The tank top is so pretty. I saw it in person at Target. I love the sequins. I am going to stalk the clearance racks at Target because they have tons of clothes that I actually like right now. So overall I am feeling more confident about dressing cute and making an effort! Last week I did my first "What I Wore" post, you can see that {HERE}.

I am linking up over at Blonde Episodes for Fashion Fridays!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Love that dress paired with the belt.

  2. Yes for pink pants!! And I love the striped dress!

  3. Love the dress! Thanks for linking up honey! Kori xoxo

  4. Those are really cute finds. That dress would be a staple for years! Target always has such cute things!

  5. Oh, dear, everything is beautiful. The dress is gorgeous. And I love the pink pants and the eyelet shorts too!!! really i can't decide which one I like because everything is gorgeous.

  6. Apparently everyone else loves that dress also, because it's out of stock online. :( I think it may have been a bad idea that I put it on Pinterest. LOL Everyone else bought it before I got a chance 2!


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