Whale Wars: Viking Shores

This Friday Animal Planet is showing a new mini series, Whale Wars: Viking Shores. A lot of people I know roll their eyes or laugh at me when I tell them that I love the TV series Whales Wars. It is probably one of the only "reality" shows on television that actually is about an issue that is important. If only people would open their eyes to a cause like saving whales and dolphins the way they glue themselves to the TV when American Idol is on.  I blog about this and talk about it, because I hope to get more people on board with me. It's very frustrating to me to not have people in my life that feel as strongly about this issue as I do. Hurtful when I am teased about even liking the show. It's not just a show, it's important. The Sea Shepherd's have been fighting whaling way before Animal Planet gave them a TV series.
Watching Whale Wars has opened my eyes to things that I didn't even know were happening in the world. I actually care about our planet now and saving our oceans. The most mind boggling thing to me is the people who do the whaling.  How do they go to bed at night knowing they killed innocent animals.  Not only do they kill them, the methods are inhumane. Critics call Paul Watson (the leader of the Sea Shepherd's) a terrorist and a violent person. Yet, the people saying that usually are the ones who are clubbing a dolphins head violently while the animals blood flows into the sea. A bit ironic huh?  Who's the true terrorist in that situation? We need more people like Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd's in the world, or I fear there will be no world someday. Not sure if you want to watch the show or not? This 4 minute video is a great view into this mini series that is starting this Friday night...
I hope that you may open your heart to being part of this cause. We are given the gift of nature and given the ability to live here on this planet and coexist with the wildlife. It's just another beautiful thing about life, let's protect it....
Sea Shepherd
Animal Planet: Whale Wars
Save Japan Dolphins

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