The World in My Living Room

I made it back to Wyoming. I love being HOME again. It was only a little over 2 weeks, but it feels like I have been gone for much longer then that. My decorating wheels are turning and I can't wait to finish my rooms!! Our dining room and living room are missing art, accessories and furniture. I hate it!! While shopping at IKEA I saw this room display....
IKEA - 3.27.2012
I am pretty much obsessed with traveling now and seeing the world! I thought to myself,"DUH! This is perfect for my HUGE blank wall over my couch!" The map sold at IKEA is not very colorful, so I am looking else where for a map with a bit more color. I have been looking online for some inspiration. Katie over at Julep Studios has a map in her home that she glued on some foam core board...
World Map
I really like her idea and it's more affordable then custom framing a map. I also love the wallpaper wall murals you can buy, but our ceilings are to low! Bummer!
Decor PadWorld Map Mural
Decor PadWorld Map
House to HomeWorld Map Mural
Now I just have to pick my map out!

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  1. Love those ideas!! So fun! Can't wait to see how you incorporate it into your home!


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