Thrifty Finds {Decor 4 My Guest Bedroom}

Once I decided that I wanted to make a guest bedroom in our home, I knew it was going to have to be on a tight budget!  I really didn't want to just drive down to IKEA and buy a bunch of furniture.  I wanted to be thrifty!  I went to my local antique shops, thrifts stores and I was super lucky!!!
Thrifty Finds Collage1
The books are for guests to read.  I spent around $8 for all of them.
I found many picture frames that I can spray paint and frame some cute artwork in quickly!  I have to have the guest bedroom decorated by the first week in June.  I was so excited to find all this stuff because usually when I go thrifting I find maybe one or two things.  Here is a close up of the tacky floral art I found... 
Thrifty Finds Tacky Art
I loved the lines of the frame!  I am going to cover the floral part with a pretty fabric or paint a picture to place in the frame, not sure yet.  I use scrapbook paper a lot to make artwork and pictures POP more...
Thrift Finds Woodsy Art
The picture frame will be spray painted white.
I love this Woodsy the owl picture.  The bedroom will have a very "Think Green" theme, so I found this picture very fitting.  This is also why I am trying to buy mostly second hand items to decorate with.  It really makes it fun and exciting!  I like looking at the room knowing that I saved stuff from going to a landfill, I saved tons of money and it has a cute vintage flair.  It's really a win win situation.  Here is some of the furniture we found for the room....
Thrifty Finds Collage3
I loved that Cody went shopping with me.  He actually helped me pick out the furniture.  It was nice doing it together and letting him have a say in what we bought for the room.  He loved the vintage chair.  (Probably loved the price more, $18!)  We figured it was a great chair to have reupholstered someday.  It does rock, so if I ever have a baby someday it's a great nursery chair.  I picture it covered in some orange vinyl!
Thrifty Finds Cody in Chair
I did also get a pair of chairs for our living room and a very cool mid-century modern dresser! I will have a before and after of the chairs next week! The dresser wouldn't fit in the car, so we have to go pick it up next weekend. I can't wait to get the guest bedroom decorated. I will be painting the nightstand and headboard this week.  You can see my design board for my guest bedroom {HERE}.

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  1. Wow, you found lots of good stuff for your guest room! That crazy white frame is awesome, and I am a big fan of the $18 chair, too. What a steal! I'm excited to see it all come together!

  2. whoa those are some great finds!

  3. Great finds! I can't wait to see your guest room. I especially love the nightstand and the chair. And how awesome is it that you found a book on Dolphins and Whales?

    I can't wait to see the chairs you bought for your living room. I'm sure I'll be envious of the dresser. I can't seem to find a nice mid-century one at the thrift stores. I'm also looking for a credenza.

  4. Thanks everybody! I knew I had to buy the chair when Cody said,"I love the lines of this chair." You just don't hear your husband say that very often, if ever. lol

  5. That chair for $18 is a steal and what a cool looking chair!!!


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