The Krohn Flower Show

Hello! Happy Easter! As my trip to Ohio starts to come close to an end, I realize how behind I am on my blogging. I just posted my trip to Downtown Cincinnati and that was during the first week of my trip. I have taken over a 1000 pictures since I have been here and haven't been able to post the way I would have hoped I could. (I need a laptop!) I consider myself a very amateur photographer. I love taking pictures and sharing them with you!
Last week my friend Dennis and I headed down to The Krohn Conservatory for their spring flower show.
krohn building
krohn flower roomThey even had some cute fruit trees...
krohn tree
krohn fruit
The main flower they had throughout the display was the White Easter Lilly...
krohn lilly rose
krohn room2
krohn tallblue flower
krohn blue flwers
krohn 3flwrs group
krohn purple
krohn 2 lillys
krohn greehouseikea

They had used an IKEA greenhouse to make a cute little display. They were selling all the little mini plants, so cute!!! Just made me want to get home so I can decorate! This trip has inspired me so much. I really needed it. I can't wait to get home and start designing. I have about 4 people waiting for designs from me and I am so motivated to work on decorating my home again.

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  1. What a beautiful place! So glad you're having a great trip. I always find that I'm most inspired as soon as I get home from vacation. It's something about seeing new places that does it for me.


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