Design Board - My Guest Bedroom {think green}

I have been dreaming up a design for My Guest Bedroom. I want to buy most of my stuff from antique shops and thrift stores. (minus the mattress and bedding. Gross.) I am not against buying a cool vintage bedspread or blanket if it's clean. I am obsessed with the color green {today} and being GREEN. I thought it would be cute and fun to kinda have that theme in the guest bedroom...
Design Board My Guest Bedroom
The bed frame is from IKEA. The pillow is from JcPenney. Everything else is just things I found doing google image searches for vintage items and earth related artwork. The bedding is from Macy's....
Guest Bedroom Bedding from Macys
I love the crisp clean look of this bedding. I think it would be perfect to balance out all the bright accessories I would like to put into the room. The price on the other hand, NO!!! I could never spend that much on bedding. I am not wired that way. I think it's an easy look and style to duplicate on a shoe string budget. (It's just white!) I am sure I can find something at Ross, TJ Maxx or Home Goods. I decided that my vintage green curtains were a great inspiration piece for my design. Green looks good with so many colors, but I lean towards adding pops of yellow and aquas to the room. I think the color scheme will go well with vintage accessories and furniture.
Inspiration for My Guest Bedroom - April 2012
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I am sure kelly green and yellow is out of style this year. Seems like last year that is all you saw everywhere. Well lucky for me I don't follow design trends,...I follow what my heart desires. (You should 2!) As much as I want to stick to only shopping for things at thrift stores, I am sure I will find some cute little ceramic owl on a clearance rack at Pier 1! With all this said, I am going shopping today. The sun is out and it's way to nice to sit inside on my computer.


  1. The theme is great. Looks like it will be very comfy and inviting room...

  2. I absolutely love it, one of my favorites so far. Chartreuse and mustard look fab together. I love the blue owl and that green chair!

  3. Love your design board. Can't wait to see it come together.

  4. Thanks everybody!! I can't wait to get the room started. :)

  5. I love it! It looks similar to my bedroom down to the bedding and blue owl! You can definitely find cheaper bedding. I found this quilt at Marshall's for either $30 or $40 last year.

    I've never posted a photo in a comment, so not sure if you can see it, but I'll try anyway.

  6. Very nice bedding Gina!! I am obsessed with finding a cute little blue owl. Yours is such a cutie! They just make me smile. I always think of you when I see owls. I have tried not to start collecting them.....but maybe just a few won't hurt. lol ;)


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