Downtown Cincinnati

I lived in Ohio most of my life. Usually I always lived within a 30 minute drive to Cincinnati. I had never taken the time to go downtown just to see it and take photos. I urge you to visit things that your home town has to offer, because if you move away you kick yourself for not doing it. Get out and do stuff!! Here are some of my favorite photos I took...
cincy buildings and bridge rkwood view1
cincy bridge amerc building
cincy paul brown1
cincy recycle and me
cincy 4th street west traffic
cincy horse
cincy buildings
cincy park sign
cincy copper building
cincy fountain1
cincy bird
cincy cars cincy bank
cincy banks
cincy city and boat
cincy looking down
cincy redscincy and me
I loved doing this! Cincinnati is really a beautiful city.



  1. Love these photos! You are right- I should get to downtown Salt Lake and take some pictures, it really is a beautiful city.

  2. I have only been through Salt Lake once and really thought it was beautiful! I can't wait to go back.


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