If you follow my blog at all you know that I am a little obsessed with IKEA and that it is where I worked before we moved across the country. I miss Miss MISS it so much! It is the best group of people I have ever worked with. Visiting IKEA while in Ohio was at the top of my list. I got to see some old friends and shop!
ikea 6
They have this cute new LACK table that I love...
ikea 11
ikea 2
I will always love the MASKROS Pendant lamp! I should buy it and keep it for when I own a house again!
ikea 3
I am really loving this green wall color...
ikea 7
Even this chair is the same shade of green...
ikea 9
If I needed a coffee table, I would love to have this one...
ikea 8
ikea 5
IKEA really has some great new modern light fixtures...
ikea 10
I love this gray patterned chair....
ikea 12
ikea 1
ikea 4
Of course I didn't leave IKEA empty handed. I purchased the SOCKER Greenhouse that I really wanted so that I can grow herbs. Besides the greenhouse I just got some small knick knacks and organizing things. I will take some pictures of my stuff once I get home! I think I may hit IKEA one more time before going back to Wyoming. Besides Disney World, I think it may be the happiest place on earth {for me}! LOL


  1. my bf worked at ikea when we got our first place so you can imagine how much our place looked like their show room ha ha ha!

  2. Looks like you found some waay cool stuff at Ikea! I want the lamp that looks like a huge dandelion, that is so sweet! As far as Platos, you could always apply there and ask for most weekends off. I have worked there over a month and only worked one sunday. So I am never scheduled on weekends but like I said you could always tell them the times that work best for you and see what they say. Its a really fun job and like I said I know they are looking to hire. When do you get back here?

  3. I am glad they don't make you work all weekends. :) I won't be back till the end of next week. I plan to leave Tuesday or Wednesday to start my drive back. I miss Cody, my pets and sleeping in my own bed!!!

  4. OOH I love Ikea as well! I think I may just need that greenhouse. Very cute!


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