OHIO {Week 1}

I have been a horrible blogger. I really hoped to blog almost everyday but have found it's hard to find time when you are super busy hanging out with friends and family. I just wanted to share some of photos...
Downtown HamiltonOHIO hamilton 1
The Army Store
OHIO army store
My favorite thrift store - Valley Thrift
OHIO Valley Thrift1
OHIO Valley thrift3
OHIO Valley Thrift2
If you live in Ohio, you have to eat at Frisch's!
OHIO bigboy1
OHIO bigboy3
OHIO bigboy2
The Ohio flag and me wearing goofy glasses...
OHIO Flags and me
Chair I fell in love with sold at Meijer. I want them for my living room.
OHIO meijer chair
OHIO spam starbucks
During this trip I have had more Starbucks then I usually would. I only get black coffee though, nothing fancy for me. I am really having a great time. It's so nice to see people that you love and miss.


  1. ohhh maaaa gaaa how much was that chair going for??

  2. When I saw the chair I thought they would so perfect for me!! They are $150 each. I can't get them in my car though. :(


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