Thrifty Finds

I am so glad to be home again after my trip to Ohio. It has taken me a few days to get used to the Mountain time zone and my daily routine. I had lots of unpacking to do. Cody had the house so nice and clean,.....then I came home with all my crap. I did some shopping while in Ohio. I didn't buy to much, but I did want to share with you a few things that I found while thrifting!
Cincinnati Mug & Flour CanisterThrift Finds cincymug and flourcanister
I hope to find the whole canister set! (Sugar, Coffee & Tea)
Pair of Brass Lamps $8.00
Thrift Finds pair of lamps
I found the great {ugly} pair of lamps for $8 at Goodwill! Mandi from Vintage Revivals has taught me that anything brass and ugly from the thrift store can be transformed into something beautiful! Also, if you ever find a matching pair BUY THEM. It's a rare thing to find a pair still together. We are considering setting up a guest bedroom and these would be perfect bedside lamps. They will be painted yellow, turquoise or lime green. The best part about buying the lamps was Cody's face. So much fear. He doesn't always see my design vision. LOL I also got a few cute pieces of clothing while thrifting....
Bengals Jersey, Love is Everything Shirt, Jeans, Pink Skirt and Purse!
Thrift Finds clothes
I got all this for $12.69! The best thing is the Harajuka Lover's purse.
It retails for $14 new at a discount store like Ross. I got it for $1.99.
Bird Vase
Thrift Finds birdvase
This cute vase was only 75 cents! I love things with birds on them.
Apparently I am going to start collecting globes, as if I need another thing to collect! HA! I had thought about buying a few our last trip to Brass Armadillo but held off. Well we decided to go to IKEA and Brass Armadillo over the weekend. I picked up both the globes at the Brass Armadillo for only $35. Collection started. Globes do take up a lot of space, so I don't plan on just buying any. I like smaller ones which seem to be harder to find. I did also buy some goodies from IKEA. I can't wait to share them with you, but that will be for another post this week! Lots of decorating happening at my house. I want it to feel finished and more like HOME! Hope you all had a great weekend!

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