The "i" Statements Challenge

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Kim over at Her Sunday did a blog post earlier this week called, "i" statements. It's a great way to share with each other some simple things about ourselves. I love learning more about my readers and other bloggers. I wanted to challenge myself to the questions today....

i was …   just out shopping with Cody, one of my favorite things to do.

i am …   always excited for the next road trip.

i think …   people need to not let life pass them by.

i wonder …   if I could handle a Sea Shepherd expedition.

i wish …   I could travel non stop and see the world.

i save …   every card Cody has even given me.

i always …   recycle as much as possible.

i can’t imagine …  not being who I am now, I have changed so much.

i believe …   that everyone should get out and explore nature.

i promise …   to always look at the glass half full.

i love …   my life and a fresh cup of coffee.  ( I am having coffee right now!)

The "i" statements challenge is originally from Becky Higgins.  
Please feel free to repost the questions on your blog!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. I share your travel sentiments exactly!

  2. Kim,

    Have you ever seen Ally's blog From The Right Bank? She travels the world all the time. Her blog is mostly about interior design, but she decorates her home with such a great global modern feel.


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