The Columbus Zoo

Last weekend I went to the Columbus Zoo with a few friends. I had never been to the Columbus Zoo. It's pretty large and the top rated zoo in the country. I will say it's the only zoo that I have ever been to and not gotten lost. The layout makes it simple to see everything and not have to keep looking at the map every 5 minutes.
Columbus Zoo 1
There I am with the WORLD!!!
Columbus Zoo 4
They had Kangaroo's! I haven't see Kangaroo's at a zoo before!
Columbus Zoo 3
My friend Cam is looking at the map wondering, "How big is this zoo?"
Columbus Zoo 8Columbus Zoo 5
I have a huge fear of sharks, that is why I am pouting in the picture above.
We took a little boat ride while at the zoo...
Columbus Zoo 6
Columbus Zoo 2
Columbus Zoo 9
My favorite sign at the zoo...Columbus Zoo 10
We had a lot of fun! I look forward to going again someday. Cody and I hope to go to the Denver Zoo soon. I love going to the zoo and hope to visit many more in my lifetime.


  1. Wow, you got some fantastic pictures! I always have a hard time getting pictures at the zoo. The animals are either hidden back in the shade or on the move so the picture comes out blurry. These are great! I love the cute koalas.

  2. Trust me I got lot of butt shots. LOL My friends and I were joking about how many butt shots of animals we got! We could make a full picture album from just them. I took 500 pictures, most were on the high speed setting so if the animals moved I had a better chance at a good picture. :)


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