Inspiration: For My Whale Tattoo

I have been plotting up for months ideas for my first tattoo! Yes, first. As long as I can get through the pain of "my first", I have a sneaking suspicion there will be many more to come after that! I have waited years to get one. I have debated and debated on whether or not I wanted to get it done. What started out as maybe wanting a Green Day Kerplunk Flower tattoo over 10 years ago, then just a Hello Kitty about 5 years ago and now has become a want for a whale tattoo! Why did I never get one of those other tattoos? They didn't MEAN anything to me. I didn't just want to get one. Even though, I would probably still enjoy looking at those other tattoos if I had them on my body. Oh look, another girl with a hello kitty tattoo. Whoopie Doo! (Please sense my sarcasm!) As my love for whales and saving the planet in general has grown, the lightbulb over my head grew bright! I knew that a whale was what I wanted.

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I have been searching the web for inspiration and ideas for what I want my tattoo to look like. I want people to see it and ask me why I have a whale tattooed on my body. It gives me the chance to spark up a conversation about why I think saving whales is so important. Plus I think they are beautiful and fascinating creatures. After learning so much about them, they have earned a special place in my heart.

Where will my tattoo go? Well since my body is a tiny canvas compared to most and go figure I want a tattoo of the biggest mammal on the planet.....I would love it on my right arm. I just think my arm is a bit small to fit it on properly. I guess this is something a tattoo artist will have to help me decide. I am thinking also about starting it on my back and curving it down onto my arm, that way there is more canvas for the artist to work with.

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I do want my tattoo to have color. I don't want the whale to only be black. I also want to get the saying, "We live because the sea lives", wrapped around it somehow. Paul Watson uses that quote a lot and I believe it's so true. It really pulls at my heart strings. Here are a few drawings and illustrations that I love...

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Decisions & more decisions! I should attempt to draw something myself, but fear I am not talented enough. Also I am so scared that I won't be able to find a good tattoo artist. I am going to very picky about who I let tattoo me. Doing all this is so new to me. Any advise or suggestions?

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  1. I love the idea of a whale tattoo! I have three tattoos. They are addicting. :)

  2. Hi Jessie! I watched the show whale wars. Did you also watch Whale Warrior: Pirate of the Sea? Paul Watson is so brave! I admire them so much for actually doing something. Did you notice how none of the crew was American? Americans tend not to be interested in doing things, I think. The destruction of such a beautiful species really makes me sad. I don't understand our destructive habits. And I don't want to. Killing is wrong. Especially the killing of innocent, defenseless animals. Sorry, I could go on and on.....

  3. Hey Peggy, I am so touched that you are watching it now. I have seen the Pirate of the Sea. That is very good to watch. That is good for people to see how long Paul has actually been doing it. It's not just a show on Animal Planet!!! There was a guy from Wisconsin on the season recently. Plus they don't show most of the crew! I think you are right about Americans though. Good thing is Sea Shepherd is getting more in the media, people are getting it.


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